Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catching Up!

Ooh geez I left off with a picture of Donnie with the Easter Bunny, so it's only right I start off with an Easter Recap. Easter was great, we went to church and over both my Mothers and Dad's house for dinner. Donnie finally got to meet some of my family. Here's a few pics from the day.

Jacket, Hat and Pants: Baby Gap, Shirt: BRU ,Shoes: Old Navy

Someone was not feeling this picture

The weekend after Easter we took our first mini family road trip to see my sister in law graduate from College. The drive was 2.5 hours and Donnie did soo great. He slept mostly there and back. Once I get a chance I'll add pics.

After that we moved closer towards family which is somewhat challenging packing and moving with an infant but somehow we managed! I still have to post his 5 month recap and a bunch of other things so I'll be back!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A visit to the Easter Bunny!

We took Donnie to the mall today to get his picture taken with the Easter Bunny. With this being our first baby we (well maybe more myself) was looking forward to this! I remember watching parents in line with their children to take pictures with the bunny or santa thinking to myself one day I'll be doing the same thing! The line was long considering it was 1:00  o'clock in the afternoon so hubs and I talked to make it go by faster as Donnie slept (he was getting his energy up for the bunny). Once we got our turn, I was steady brushing the little hair he had, adjusting his clothes and making sure he was perfect as possible. Literally three snaps later and we were finished! Apparently there is a max to the number of shots taken, which is understandable otherwise you'd have mothers like me taking all day wanting the perfect picture. So we waited about five minutes and received our pictures and cd for any other additional prints. Overall the experience was great, I do wish I would have realize at some point during one of those three snaps that his pants was hiked up but oh well!