Monday, August 30, 2010

4 Week Check Up

I had my regular four week check up today, which kinda seemed like my most important one to date. My husband tagged along for this one, which he usually does if he doesn't have to work that night or goes in late ( I LOVE HIM). Anyways, I had my pregnancy journal in hand (which they give you at your very first appointment) and I was armed with questions of what I was feeling, my official ultrasound report from the last Monday etc. I explained to the Dr. that my spasms, throbbing or kicking ( don't know what to describe it as) were getting more frequent and I was having severe back pressure as well. Well that prompted her to do another exam (mind you the hubby was still in the room). When I say I'm never relaxed enough for those things and boy did my husband see my face grimacing and when I looked over at him, he had the funniest face ever as if he was experiencing the discomfort as well lol! She check and my cervix was still closed and there was no signs of bleeding.

So I got to the questions, asking if it was possible that I may have a kidney stone (did some googling), which she said is possible because I had blood in my urine before, but I should be able to pass it  if I hadn't already. Then I asked if it's possible that the discomfort I'm feeling is only bothering me and not the baby. She said based on the exams and ultrasounds that it could be possible. Therefore I was fine knowing that Gumdrop was out of harms way and it's something only mommy has to deal with. Finally my hubby asked if the baby may have been laying on something and kicking/punching it which is intensifying the pressure. Again she said yes...oh the world of POSSIBILITIES!

I was satisfied though because she ended saying it was her job to find out what this discomfort was and that if it intensified including the back pressure to come back in for a special ultrasound and perhaps even physical therapy. She also mentioned that if it was a kidney stone a CT Scan could be done, which I immediately declined seeing as the fetus shouldn't be exposed to radiation unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, which honestly I wouldn't care if it was necessary we won't be going that route AT ALL!

The baby is perfect, we heard him kicking on the doppler because the doctor was disturbing his home pressing on my belly, he kicked hard right where the doppler was, told you he can be stubborn!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Survey!

Well the week started off on a bit of a scary note but as you can see in my earlier posts everything turned out just fine. Thanks to everyone who left kind comments of  well wishes and prayers...I appreciate you! Now for the survey!

How far along?: 22 weeks; slowly but surely creeping up that hill!

How big is baby?: Big as a Squash! 1 lb, 8 in (according to the ultrasound tech)

Stretch marks?: Not any from the pregnancy (like that makes me feel any better)- I have been using tummy butter on them from Palmer's. I've noticed that I've been way itchy in the 2nd tri !

Maternity clothes?: Oh yeah! The basics as usual
Sleep?: This week hasn't gotten any better. I wake up early and eat, mid morning nap that seems to last all day, up all night and do it all over again. I have no schedule since I'm a SAHM2B

Best moment this week?:  After the initial scare Monday getting to see Gumdrop at the ultrasound and seeing him trying to suck his little thumb!

Food cravings?: Dh went to Kroger and got me some Nestle Chocolate Chip and Walnut cookies..I die!

Gender?: Boy!!!

Movement?: Yes I think he has a sleeping routine now but I feel him daily.

Belly button?: In

What I miss?: Still the wine and oh ham sandwiches! It's been too many listeria cases out lately! So no sammies until I deliver!

Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: Hitting the six month mark and getting a more prominent bump ( is that crazy?)

Milestone?: Gumdrop practicing breathing already!

Speaking of bumps here's me at 19 wks on my 24th Birthday (I feel soo old)

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow your Instinct! Pt 2

Once we arrived to the hospital I was pretty calm about things, we (my dh, mother and I) had prayed and even had some laughs on the way there. Gumdrop popped right up on the screen, I was excited to see him but more importantly I was more concerned with listening to what the ultrasound tech had to say. BTW she was GOD SEND! Absolutely a nice lady (I've heard horrible stories about some techs before). She started checking: cervix; closed (great), fibroids; none present (whew), placenta; still attached (praise god; that's my baby's food source!), no dilation, no cysts, kidneys were fine. It just got better and better. 

Now that everything was okay with gumdrop's home, we enjoyed the show. He was relaxing, looking straight up, gave us a couple of peep shows and then the next two things he did blew our minds. First he was trying to get his thumb in his mouth! I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Then the tech started poking my belly to get him to move more, he started kicking away, obviously he didn't like that and probably knew it wasn't mommy because I never do that! However the kicker is what we saw next, he began practicing breathing! We literally saw his little lungs and tummy inhale and exhale. The tech was like WOW he's smart! Most babies don't start doing that until 28 wks (he's only 21). I felt like a proud momma and figured she most have some expertise of seeing this since she mentioned that she's been doing this for oh about 20 YEARS!

The tech also mentioned that it could have been that the baby is laying/kicking on a weird spot that may be causing that pressure in my lower abdomen. Overall the ultrasound looked well and my lab results will be back by my Monday appointment. On a funny note my hubby did say "after looking at those lungs when he was practicing we'll probably have a sceamer on our hands" Oh I don't even want to imagine...we'll see in about 4 months!

           Here he is trying to get that thumb!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Follow your Instinct!

Since Thursday night, I had been feeling pressure in my lower would come and go and sometimes it was so powerful that it took my breath away. First thought was this must be Braxton Hicks contractions. So I googled bh symptoms and it didn't match what I was having. This pressure only lasts for 1-2 seconds, not the typical 15-30 seconds that bh last. Then I thought wow this must be Gumdrop kicking me! So of course as a first time mommy I was excited. Yes I had been feeling him since wk 15 but never kicks. As the weekend past I began to think that he's to small to do this kind of kicking. He's only 1 lb! So I began to worry. On top of this feeling I got two shocking like sensations on the right side of my body. It was so intense it woke me up out of my sleep! I kept debating should I call the OB on Monday? It's probably nothing.

Well after getting another shock on Monday morning, I decided I needed to call the doc! They told me to come right in. Once I got there they did all the routine stuff ( collect urine, weight, blood pressure etc). The OB came in did an exam, said everything looked good, cervix appear closed everything. Then when I thought I was free and clear she said there was blood in your urine. I started panicking. WTH did that mean?
I hadn't noticed any bleeding. She explained that I wasn't bleeding from my lady parts (whew) but it was just in the urine stream. She decided it was best that I be sent over to the hospital to have an ultrasound done. I was scared. I called my husband trying my best not to worry but I was. I decided to head to my mom's house for reassurance. Of course like me she burst out in tears, asking what happened. Called my big brother crying to him asking that he pray (this is his first nephew). So we did only what we knew best, we called on God that everything be okay with Gumdrop, citing Matthew 21:22

"And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, shall receive"

Now we waited until 3 p.m. when my ultrasound was scheduled for.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Regular Scheduled Programming

Will resume tomorrow. I had a slight scare this morning that cause me to go to the OB and then sent off to have an ultrasound done. I'm just trying to relax right now, I'll fill you in with the details tomorrow. Just know that everything is fine and the baby is A-Okay!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Friday Survey Time!

I've notice on other baby blogs that ladies do a weekly survey on where they are at in the pregnancy. So to go into the weekend I'll be doing these surveys every Friday since it correlates with my due date Friday, December 31st,2010! Yes NYE will be on a Friday...a perfect night to party and to have that Saturday to recover (enjoy that sip of champagne for me when the clock strikes 12 lol).


How far along?: 21 weeks

How big is baby?: As a Banana- 7in,11oz

Stretch marks?: Not any from the pregnancy (like that makes me feel any better)

Maternity clothes?: Oh yeah! I'm trying not to buy a whole new wardrobe. I live in tank tops and sweat pants (I know in 80+ degree weather)

Sleep?: I swear I have insomnia. I can watch TV all night! Overall it's okay but I used to be a tummy sleeper prepreg so I miss that. Oh and I have to get up 3-5x a night to potty...great :(

Best moment this week?: Realizing that my baby boy can be stubborn...yes when ever I talk to him and say "play with mommy" he never does ha! I usually ask if I haven't felt him for hours...eventually he makes his presence with taps and bubbles.

Food cravings?: Umm anything I see on TV at night time...that's a good thing though with Dh working the night shift I'm left dreaming about my cravings since no one can run out for me at 1 am in the morning.

Gender?: Boy!!!

Movement?: Yes usually daily if he's not in one of his moods.

Belly button?: In

What I miss?: Occasionally a glass of Moscato or Great Lakes red ...ummm

Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: Feeling gumdrop's powerful kicks, I know in a few weeks I'll be over it.

Milestone?: I'm over 1/2 way done!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I don't know if I mentioned in my previous posts what we are having but I may as well do it now! I had an ultrasound on July 28th due to what I thought was spotting (trust me every little thing freaks me out while pregnant). I had my cervix was perfect! The tech then performed the ultrasound. Gumdrop popped right up on the screen, moving away! It was the best sight I've ever seen. Our first ultrasound was done at 7 wks so the baby literally looked like a peanut, but today everything was more pronounced!

               Closeup of Gumdrop's precious little face!

Profile and Body shot...look at that tummy!
17wk 5d

And last but not least....

 The Money Shot!! It's a BOY!!!

When the tech showed us a tear rolled down my face. I was having a boy and soo many emotions crossed my mind. I always had the feeling that it was a boy up until about a week before when I thought it may of been a girl. I was overwhelmed with joy but most importantly our baby was healthy! Now we just had to figure out the name!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jumping Back and Forth

Seeing as though I've started documenting my pregnancy half way through (sorry, didn't think anyone would want to read about it) I will be jumping back and forth trying to catch up to my current happenings at 20 plus weeks. So bare with me! I'm hoping that I'll have everything thing that I want to talk about from the past caught up within the next week or so.


Is someone in there?

The first time I felt gumdrop (by the way that's his nickname) it was the weirdest, most awesome feeling ever. I was slightly freaked out because for one this is my first pregnancy and two I didn't know what it would feel like. I was laying in bed one night and it felt like something had ran across my lower stomach. Me having a phobia of spiders thought it was one and starting swiping at my belly lol! Gumdrop probably thought I was nuts haha! Then I felt it again, it was like tickling but from the inside. After feeling it for about 30 seconds I got weirded out and jumped up, mind you my husband was peacefully in his state of hibernation during all of this commotion and didn't budge one bit! I think I scared the baby because after that he was done for the night. I guess he said "I'm done playing with you humph!"

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sharing the News

I decided to wait until Mother's Day to tell my family the news. It was the longest 2 weeks ever! I made a montage of pictures I had recently taken at photo shoot and at the end I added the pic of the tests and this little mosaic

Of course once the slide show came to the end my Mother jumped up and down crying! My father was still confused saying "What did I miss" lol! After she explained they gave me hugs and we shared some laughs and a few tears. Now that the immediate family was out the way next was the extend family but that wouldn't be for awhile, seeing as though I was only six weeks on Mother's Day I wanted to wait until I was out of the first trimester before telling others.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Comes Marriage...

Then comes the baby in the baby carriage! As you can see from the revamp of my blog, Motherhood has been added to the mix. That's right I'm expecting!! Mr. Motown & I are so excited. This is our first baby so tons of emotions and thoughts are running through our brains. I found out April 25th, after my period was a few days late. I had tested the week before and it came back negative so I had thought oh we'll just try again next month. Mind you this was our first month of trying and I had just gotten off the pill the month prior. Well something wasn't right. It kept feeling like my period was about to come because I was cramping but it never showed. That's when I decided it was time to test. As I waited I was thinking I doubt it'll be positive, my period must be late since this it the first month off the pill. Well I glanced over and saw this...

In order of how I took them. Of course I had to take three just to make sure ;) From that moment on I knew my life would never be the same and I was excited for the journey I was about to embark on.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Wow so I've seriously neglected my blog since November! Well I have A LOT of free time on my hands so get ready to join me again for my adventures, family and everything in between. I have some GREAT posts coming up soon!!!

Love MM