Sunday, August 30, 2009

Starting Fresh!

I've been thinking lately of what I would do with this blog...should I just close it down or back track the wedding process since I created the blog literally a month before the wedding. As you know I've been through a lot of hurdles during this time so I haven't been as consistent I originally planned for. I never realized how hard it is to maintain a blog, I read so many of them that I just click away but remembering to add posts daily to your own is something I have to get used to.

I guess I will back track my wedding process and everything that lies in between. I hope those who do read my blog will continue with me and even become more active with commenting too, so I can know theirs someone out there! So just a heads up on what to expect in the near future!

Mrs. Motown

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back In Commission

I'm glad to say that I am back in action! I left with the passing of my grandmother, her funeral was this past Friday and it was a beautiful service. Our family literally took up 5 rows alone in the church as she and my grandfather have; 8 kids (plus spouses equal 16), 21 grand kids and 18 great grand kids. Yes we have a HUGE family! I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers in the previous post. It is greatly appreciated. You Motownets just don't know what that meant to me, I read each post and cried too (I'm soo emotional)!
We have been getting a few pictures tagged of us on Facebook so I would like to share a few teasers until Pro-Pics come back!

Walking Down the Aisle, My Dad was soo proud

The first kiss

One of the flower girls, My Niece Bella

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Living in a Nightmare

Okay so I've had some serious ups and downs leading up to the wedding. Well me and Mr. Motown returned from our mini moon last night to only this morning find out that my grandmother had passed away. I'm in shock, disbelief, denial you name it. I literally just seen her a week ago at my wedding. I'm soo glad that I have that memory as well as the rest of my family of her to keep with us. We were able to get one picture with her too which I'm grateful for because she had ran out of oxygen (her tank) so she couldn't go to the reception so luckily the photographer snapped a photo of me and the hubby with her and my grandfather. We are only one week into our marriage and we have already had a obstacle thrown our way.

I miss so much already and I'm just in and out of it. I know you all are think geez this is the most depressing wedding blog ever! I never knew how this blog would turn out. I was planning on doing recaps from the wedding and honeymoon until pro pics came back but yeah. So once again I am on time out as I deal with this lost and try to adjusted to married life.

I leave you with a picture of my grandmother and grandfather from my cousin's wedding some years ago. They have been married 60 years & this Nov. it would have been 61 years!!! That's the kind of longevity Mr. Motown and I are striving for!

Monday, August 10, 2009


Hi Motownets!

I just wanted to do a quick post after the wedding and say I'm MARRIED!!!! I will have a full recap soon with tons of pictures. Anyways til then I'll leave you with a teaser one of my guests took from the wedding:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi Motownets!!
I'm back after posting about being hospitalized after my bach party. I'm glad to say that my scars have completely healed and neosportin is my best friend :) . I went to get my foundation matched because I have super sensitive skin well that turned out soo great to where you can hardly see the scar and that means I don't have to change my wedding hairstyle (yay)!

On a serious note I did have to return to the hospital from complications (they say I have a closed head injury) which after reading my MRI and I guess getting a second opinion they said I have demyelinating disease; which can lead to multiple sclerosis. I have an appointment to meet with a neurosurgeon following the wedding and I hope that I'm okay but right now I'm focusing on getting married! Which is in 4 days!!!

Here's some picture of how I looked after getting my foundation matched:
So I want to thank those who left comments wishing me a speedy recovery. It really meant a lot to me!