Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi Motownets!!
I'm back after posting about being hospitalized after my bach party. I'm glad to say that my scars have completely healed and neosportin is my best friend :) . I went to get my foundation matched because I have super sensitive skin well that turned out soo great to where you can hardly see the scar and that means I don't have to change my wedding hairstyle (yay)!

On a serious note I did have to return to the hospital from complications (they say I have a closed head injury) which after reading my MRI and I guess getting a second opinion they said I have demyelinating disease; which can lead to multiple sclerosis. I have an appointment to meet with a neurosurgeon following the wedding and I hope that I'm okay but right now I'm focusing on getting married! Which is in 4 days!!!

Here's some picture of how I looked after getting my foundation matched:
So I want to thank those who left comments wishing me a speedy recovery. It really meant a lot to me!


  1. Yay, yay, yay! You are so stunning - really beautiful!

    I'll keep you in my prayers about this demyelinating disease.

  2. You're so pretty :)

    The foundation matches very well!

    Everything happens for a reason, so it's good that you now know about this possible disease--and will be able to obtain the info to care for your self as needed.

    Your wedding day is going to be fab chica!

  3. Beautiful!! Just like I knew you would be! I'm claiming no demyelinating disease. You will be just fine.

  4. Hey Kellie !

    You look beautiful and the foundation matches perfectly!!!

    I'm glad to hear your spirits are up and really to become a blusing bride.

    You will remain in my prayers and I know God is gonna work everything work ~


  5. I'm (obviously) way behind because I just found your blog, but I am SO glad you were able to get your foundation to match. It looked great. :)

    (thecatsfancy on TK)