Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dreaded Drink

I had mines yesterday, totally wasn't expecting it but my O.B. gave it to me anyways. Yep I'm talking about that orange extra sugary drink (sometimes in other flavors) that tells whether or not your glucose tolerant. I knew I'd have to take the 1hr glucose test by my next appointment because it's given between 26-28 weeks and I'm nearly 27 wks but while my O.B. was asking the routine questions of how I was feeling since the last appointment, the med assistant was out there getting it ready.

O.B. : Umm do you have time to take the 1hr test today

Me: Thinking to myself (heck naw, I want to indulge some more in case my results aren't good). Well before I could even give an answer, the assistant was knocking on the door with the drink in hand. Guess I had no choice lol!

Me: Well I ate a granola bar this morning, I didn't need to fast or anything?

O.B.: Oh no, your fine just take the drink and we'll draw you blood in a hour

The drink wasn't that bad and I've heard of some horror stories of how nasty it was, how it made some nauseous. So I went in expecting the worst. Lucky for me mines was nice and chilled as I have read that it's sometimes given at room temp. I was also lucky that my mom decided to join me so I had someone to keep me company for that hour, making it go by really fast. So the verdict won't be in for about a week. I was told I'd only be contacted if I didn't pass. Please Lord don't let them call me!! I can't imaging going in for the 3 hr test and waiting that long in the lobby and having blood drawn every hour!

Wish me luck!!

BTW I'm officially far along that I go every TWO weeks now! I actually enjoy getting out the house and getting a chance to hear his never gets old ;)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things Come in Sets

Yesterday I posted about buying our pack and play. Well guess what's on it's way to join the team...the TRAVEL SYSTEM!!! My wonderful MIL informed me that she ordered it over the weekend. It's like destiny, having both items together. I doubt we set up the travel system for a while though but it's great to have that out of the way! The entire collection is by Graco and the style is Lowery. I love that it's gender neutral with browns and lime greens and dots. I wanted to stay away from all blue because I do plan on using the baby gear for when we decide to have a second baby. Hopefully they won't be too far apart to were the items are outdated. They also have the matching swing and high chair with the collection but I won't be getting those. Graco swings don't have the best reviews for longevity (motors clumping out, music stops working etc). The high chair has okay reviews but I'm swooning over this fisher price one so there you have it. I'm grateful that Gumdrop has 4 sets of grandparents which means most of the big ticket items are already being taking care of. Everyone is excited as this is the first grand baby for my husband parents and the first grandson for my mother. The Graco Lowery travel system comes highly rated online and also in Baby Bargains (the bible for all things baby).

Here's a picture of everything together on the site

I'm in love :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Awesome Weekend Deal!

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a great one. I was really busy this weekend and did a little shopping too. My mother and I went to Target (seriously love this store) to see if this pack and play was still there (here's the back story). Remember when I went to Ikea last week? Well Target was one of my other stops. While checking out the baby section I swore I seen the pack and play that goes with the travel system I wanted. Plus I swore it had that lovely red sticker on it (clearance). Well for some strange reason I didn't put much thought into it (perhaps because it was tucked in behind other PnP's ).

Well I got home and it stayed on my mind. Should I go back to check it out? Should I just wait and hope someone purchases it for the shower? Well knowing myself waiting to see what others might do is not my thing. Furthermore I was cringing at the thought that if no one brought us a PnP off our registry that I'd have to purchase one for FULL Price and we all know that's not my thing. Well I take that back I purchase many things regular price but I try not to ever pass up a deal. So we headed back and it was still there hiding as if someone was going to come back for it. The box was pretty beat up so my mom suggested taking it to guest services. The lady was extremely nice. Checked to see if it was any additional markdown and gave me 10% off the clearance price.
So I got a brand new Graco PnP that's regular priced at $149.99 on for only $72 after tax! Talk about a deal! Here's the model I got:

It comes with the newborn napper, changing table and diaper stacker. The PnP also vibrates, plays music and has a night light which will be perfect for a worrisome new mommy who likes to constantly check on their baby. I'm in love! This weekend the hubby will set it up just so we can make sure everything is in working order. I'm soo excited!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Survey!

Another week down, 14 more to go! There's not much to report this week really. Today though my mother and I are headed to Babies R Us for some shopping (nothing too major) and will probably grab some dinner while we're out. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend. It's officially FALL! One more season to go until I meet my little guy!

How far along?: 26 weeks

How big is baby?: Big as an Eggplant! 2 lbs, 9.2 in

Stretch marks?: I should just delete this question because every time I update it nothing changes (see how happy I am?) Just Kidding.

Maternity clothes?: Yes, I broke out my maternity capris this week because we've had a few warm days still (like 80's)

Sleep?: Oh how do I miss you! Even when I try to go to bed early the baby likes to play around 3-4 am kicking my bladder..thanks!

Best moment this week?: Going to Ikea! I hadn't been there in over a year (back when I was wedding planning). I was in heaven!
Food cravings?: Nothing special, I have been wanting lots of fruits and my mommy made me a fruit salad so I was eating off of that for a few days

Gender?: Mommy's little man!

Movement?: Yes through out the entire day, most active at night. Does this mean I'll have a night owl on my hands?

Belly button?: In

What I miss?: Not being tired from doing simple things like grocery shopping or any shopping for that matter!

Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: The third trimester which depending on which book/site you read it starts at 27 or 28 weeks. I'm close though.

Milestone?: Just making it one more week closer to my EDD!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Double Digits!!

Yep we have 99 days left! So the countdown begins! I remember when I first was pregnant and the days would be in the 200's my how time as past! I think I need to get my booty into gear and get more things done. The nursery although not being set up is in progress ( I swear I'm slowly leaning towards putting it up anyways). I honestly feel like I'm at a standstill. Everyone keeps saying "wait until the baby shower" and with me being such a planner it's kinda giving me anxiety. The shower is scheduled for Nov 6th, which leaves me with approximately 55 days left until my EDD. That may be plenty of time for most but I'm already extra tired and it's only September. Lord only knows how I'll be in December especially living in Michigan where we could quite well be in a winter blizzard. I would like to have majority if not all of the baby's items purchased by the end of November. I plan on doing some major shopping during Black Friday. So that's where I'm at . Oh by the way shopping today was great. I made it to 4 out of the 6 places mentioned body just couldn't push any further!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Headed to Ikea Tomorrow!

Today has been a really lax day. Tomorrow I plan on heading out to Ikea to shop for baby items that I posted a few days back. Every time I go to Ikea it's like a field trip. That store is so huge that it can quickly become overwhelming! I'd never go there on a Saturday as a pregnant lady because it's too hectic. In addition to Ikea I plan on going to a few other stores that are in the area. My plan is to start at Ikea, followed by Marshalls then stop for lunch at the local coney island (yummy), then head to Target, back around to Buy Buy Baby and finally Walmart. Geez I'm tried just thinking about it..pray for my strength! I will have my water and granola bar in tow and will take constant breaks. Hopefully I don't do too much damage tomorrow and thankful the hubby is off so he can load all the bags into the house. You may wonder why he wouldn't be going along with me? Well although he would go I wouldn't go to that many stores with him, he tunes out pretty quickly. Plus he's coming off a 12 day work stretch so I want him to get plenty of rest tomorrow!

I've found a few more things I'd like to get from Ikea tomorrow and according to the website they are in stock at the store.

Plus whatever else I may find. I'll come back with a full shopping report!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hormonal Breakdowns are REAL!

I totally had one yesterday! Pre pregnancy I would have thought it was the stupidest thing to cry over but when your 6 1/2 months pregnant I beg to differ. Remember that post where I ordered Gumdrop some clothes from Gymboree? Well I went days forgetting that I ordered it (preggo brain) then remembered, so for the last 2-3 days I begin tracking the package on UPS. Well it was schedule to arrive yesterday 9/20.

So at 3:40 I checked online and it was in transit. It begin getting late so I decided to check again around 6:30 and BAM there it was DELIVERED on the screen. I'd like to died. I don't work so I'm always at home and I hadn't heard any doorbells or knocks. So I waddle my butt down the stairs to see if it was outside...Not There. I immediately begin crying. Not like a few tears running down my face but full on boo hoo crying. My husband was gone off to work and I didn't know what to do. I just sat down and cried while looking for the number to call UPS.

I get them on the phone, the lady I spoke with probably thought I was crazy because you could barely understand what I was saying because I was crying and so upset. She says we're sorry looks like it was delivered to the wrong address. WTH! Where do they do that at? As many items as I've ordered before I couldn't believe it. She then said it was nothing they could do even though it was their drivers mistake and that I'd have to call Gymboree for assistance. Pre pregnant Kellie would have went off at this point but I was still so overwhelmed that I cried even more. After getting off the phone I decided to put my shoes on and track down this address. Luckily when I got there a really nice lady answered the door, said she had the package. My face lit up! I thanked her so much and while heading back home I STILL was crying. I mean geez I hadn't cried that much in my life!

So I decided to email UPS to tell them of the mistake they made. Well this morning I got a call from a representative apologizing and saying that the driver would be made aware of his error (he needs some glasses). They didn't offer me anything which wasn't a problem, just the fact that they called so quickly to hear this pregnant lady's horror story was fine with me.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Single vs. Married Friends

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. I got so much done this weekend then I did the whole week! The grandmother's meeting went very well! It was really nice seeing them all laughing and excited about the baby. I just sat back and listened.

As you see from the title of the post that I'd like to talk about single vs. married friends. Yesterday "La La's Full Court Wedding" aired on VH1 (love that network).

She's recently married to Carmelo Anthony who plays for the Denver Nuggets. Anyways she was out to lunch with her best male friend Tyrese (singer/actor) and he brought up that she only has single friends and that she should begin hanging with those who are married (mind you he isn't married).

Well this topic has since become a twitter discussion/ as well as on some wedding boards. I totally understand where he was coming from and I don't think he was saying dump all of your single friends but to get some married ones as well because your no longer in that "space" (his words). I think this applies to not only marriage but other aspects of life. For instance I couldn't see someone who has a profession hanging with their old friends who are just coasting by. Better yet a lawyer hanging with a criminal type of thing. I think you should have a balance between single and married friends. For one it may be easier to speak to someone who is in the same situation as yourself concerning marriage because it may be something your single friend doesn't understand. Also your single friend may be less understanding/quick to tell you to end your marriage as a married friend may be more inclined to tell you to work it out (again not in all cases).

In my case I've noticed that as I acquired more in life that perhaps my friends hadn't, the sense of jealousy came along and I lost a few friends because we were at two different stages of our lives. Especially at my age where your either still hanging out at the clubs, possibly still living at home and causally dating or married and settled down. I've never been the party goer and was always in a committed relationship so it was just natural that I'd settle down before most of my friends.

So what do you think? If your married has your relationship changed with your single friends? If your single did things change once your friend was married? Did you feel you had less in common?

Friday, September 17, 2010

End of Nursery Week!

Well there's much more I could cover concerning the nursery but I just wanted to keep it simple. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing more things concerning items I've purchased or plan to. For the last day I would like to cover Bedding and Decor! My favorite part to the nursery!


I purchased this Dwell Studio 4pc set at Target a while ago. It's very cute and modern which I like. I've been trying to find the matching changing pad and crib skirt but those things have been sold out FOREVER! Readers if you come across any matching accessories PLEASE let me know ASAP I'll be all over it!


I'm trying to stick with the space theme without going too overboard. I've been looking at space accessories, pictures and everything else inbetween. Here's what I've found!

The pictures both won't be blue but will alternate between blue and green. So the color's of the nursery are blue, light blue, kiwi green and brown. I like what I've come across so far. I think I'm going to get the brown glider that I posted the other day. Unfortunately the nursery won't be done until after the baby is born due to us moving in May. I've gotten some advice from others that it wouldn't make sense to set it up and take it down four month later especially since I plan to co-sleep for the first 4 months. Although I'm bummed about it I've come to terms with it as well.

Friday Survey!

Wow another week has rolled around! I'm learning that the less I think about how long I have to go the faster the weeks go by. This has been a pretty great week. I seriously stayed in the house for six days straight and actually wasn't too bothered by it ! I've been so tired and I have insomnia at night so I take lots of cat naps and stretches during the day. I will say that yesterday I had a really great time hanging with my mom for her birthday. We went to eat at Red Lobster for their endless shrimp (pregnant lady's dream)! It was soo good and I haven't had Red Lobster for what seems like forever. Then we did a little shopping to walk off the food. It was great just hanging with her. I have noticed that I'm not as quick at moving or walking for that matter. I officially move slow and probably waddle a bit lol!

Survey Time!

How far along?: 25 weeks

How big is baby?:  Big as an Eggplant! 1.7 lb, 9 in

Stretch marks?: Still there and not going belly is more itchy which is normal due to stretching

Maternity clothes?: Sweats, jammies and some maternity tops

Sleep?: Seems as this is getting more uncomfortable each week! My hips start hurting after a while from sleeping on my side

Best moment this week?: I think Gumdrop officially has hiccups! It's soo cute (but I hear it can get annoying really fast). Their like kicks but to a beat and more rhythmic and not as forceful. Aww practice breathing practice baby!

Food cravings?: So I hadn't been to big on sweets but hubby wanted an Apple Pie so ever since this came into the house this week I've been chowing on this with French Vanilla Ice Cream!!

Gender?: Boy!!!

Movement?: Yes and he's beginning to get a routine!

Belly button?: In

What I miss?: Sleeping on my belly!

Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: The Grandmothers (who call themselves the 3G's ha!) are getting together Saturday at my place to discuss planning the baby shower. I'm soo excited!

Milestone?: Just making it one more week closer to my EDD!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Break in Nursery Week

Today I'm taking a little break from nursery posts to celebrate my mommy's birthday! Last year I took her to see the Phantom of the Opera, you can revisit that post here. This year I'm taking her to dinner and just spending some quality time with her. Oh how I love this woman! She's become my best friend and I share all my heartaches, joys and anything else with her. She's such a great support system for me and the hubby, our number one fan for our marriage. What I love about her is that she's ALWAYS a giver, literally taking whatever money she does have and thinking of what to get others, she's soo selfless.

Since I've found out I was pregnant she's be hands on, going to doctor appointments when hubby couldn't go or even when he did (lol)! but that's not the kicker she comes over EVERY month to clean the house from top to bottom. I'm talking those thorough cleanings, organizing and everything. I really appreciate that because cleaning has slowed down quite a bit for me (the deep cleanings anyways) so between her and hubby the place isn't neglected.

Enjoy and cherish your mothers even when they get on your nerves. You never know how long you may have them. I leave you with photos of us over the years!

Probably around 5 or 6 yrs old

College Graduation

Wedding Day

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rockers and Gliders

I would like to start off by saying thank you to the readers that chimed in regarding the dresser issue. Some even posted alternatives which I appreciate! I'm thinking the best route to go is ordering the crib first, seeing it's actual color in person (I hear it's darker than pictured online) and deciding from there. The part I don't like is getting a "lifetime" crib but not "lifetime" dressers. Don't get me wrong I understand nothing will last a lifetime but I'd like to buy a dresser that will get him past the baby years because once he grows those 3 drawer options won't be feasible, then I'll be right back to looking for a dresser that matches the bed! So it's like why not get it out of the way now instead of  what I foresee as wasting money.

Up next is checking out rockers and gliders. I'm leaning toward a glider because they seem to be more budget friendly and we are kinda limited on space. I went to BRU (babies r us) a while ago and tested out a few. Most of them ranged from $300 plus in the store so of course I wanted to go online to see if I could get a better deal. Here's some I have my eye on:

BRU $179.99

 BRU $219.99

Walmart $139 ( I love that it has pockets on the side)

Target $199.99

Target $179.99
All of them are rated at least 4 out of 5 stars. The first three are by Storkcraft, the fourth one is Graco and the last one is by Shermag. What I do like is that they all include the ottoman so that's one less thing to purchase. Jump in with your favorite pick/least favorite, brand reviews, things I should look for since all of the ones pictured are available online only so I can't go and "test" them out.

Oh and if I was to spluge on a rocker it would be this beauty!

At $429! Want the ottoman add another $150!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Storage Solutions: Dressers

OMG I'm going crazy finding a dresser to match the Da Vinci Kalani crib! Don't get me wrong they have one that goes with the set but I definitely don't like the price! Here's the matching dressers for the crib



$400! (color is skewed)

Seriously why does the dresser cost more than the crib?! It seems like anything attached to baby marks the value up ten fold ( same thing with weddings, I know this all to well from recently getting married). I would like to have enough space to put the changing pad on top with some room left while still having 4+ drawers, something like this

With a better price around $200

So now the question is do I change my crib (which I've been eyeing forever) or suck it up and buy a matching dresser which would probably be the first one or see if the last one pictured will be a close match and go with that one. Honestly at this point I just want something to put his clothes in, is sturdy and will last a year or two. I could always upgrade later but then the type A personality in me wants everything to match PERFECTLY! Ugh! I need opinions, heck even find me some alternatives (the color is espresso btw)!

So I need to take a step away from this before I explode. On another note I've found these great dresser organizers that I'll be heading to IKEA to get! Their by the Komplement line and will be great for organizing baby booties, paci's, onesies etc. I think I will only need it for the top drawer where those items will go. Here's what they look like, once I see them in person I'll decide on which one to get

So there you have it I'm completely lost on the dresser issue. Again with this being Nursery Week chime in with opinions, suggestions or reviews if you have a product I'm considering. I read ALL the two or three comments I get :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


I thought to change things up a bit I'd dedicate this week to all things baby nursery and most importantly how I plan on decorating the baby's nursery. I would love input from my readers on nursery items they suggest/don't suggest or just anything you want to share. Let's get this blog more interactive!


I figured the best way to begin is with a crib post. We have decided to go with a 4-in-1 convertible crib that will grow the baby. Safety reign most important followed by price and style. I've seen some GORGEOUS cribs but they literally cost in the range of a mortgage payment and I could never stomach spending that type of money! I mentioned it before but here's the crib we are going with, the Da Vinci Kalani in Espresso

I just love the style of the crib, from the curved lines to it's thickness of the bars. Plus the price is great at $250! Another thing that I like that we could always reuse the crib for a second baby and just buy gumdrop one of those car beds that all little boys seem to love! When choosing your crib what factors did you consider? Do you think it was worth the money? How long did your child use it for?

Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Survey and V-DAY!!!!

Wow I can't believe I'm at 24 weeks already! I remember reading other blogs and pregnant mommies talking about hitting their V-Day, It just seemed so far away for me. Well for those who don't know V-Day stands for viability and it's where the baby has a better chance of surviving outside the womb (with medical intervention of course). Here's a diagram that explains it a little more

Today was also a good day as I finally got outside the house! I've been couped up in the house for the last FOUR DAYS! I felt as though the walls were closing in on me. Everyday this week I attempted to go out but I was just really exhausted. Well today I made it a mission, we out and got a nice pedicure and to visit my mom. Now on to the survey!

How far along?: 24 weeks

How big is baby?: Big as an ear of corn! 1.5 lb, 8.5 in

Stretch marks?: Same as usual just old ones

Maternity clothes?: Sweats, jammies and some maternity tops
Sleep?:  Still hard, I constantly toss and turn. Plus he like to use my bladder as a kickboxing bag
Best moment this week?: VIABILITY! WOO HOO!
Food cravings?: Breakfast sandwiches (eggs,bacon,sausage) O.J.

Gender?: Boy!!!

Movement?: Yes he's actually up right now as I type this sentence lol!

Belly button?: In

What I miss?:  Ice Caps from Tim Hortons!

Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: Going to endless shrimp at Red Lobster with my mommy next week for her birthday...soo yummy!

Milestone?: Getting to V-Day, praise God for these milestones!

Have a great weekend everyone! Oh btw I forgot to mention that I did get BBQ last weekend! My daddy made some before he went out of town!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gymboree Baby Sale!!

I swear all these baby sales are going to make me go broke! I love Gymboree but not their prices, their regular price items although cute seem a little overpriced for me. So when I learned that they were having a sale I ventured on over to the site and scored some awesome pieces for the baby. I'm trying to think logical and buying things off season gauging what his size would be as close as possible. One thing I like about Gymboree's sizing is the range, so I ordered all 6-12 months that he should be able to fit this summer. Here's some items I ordered today (all cute for the summer and 4th of July- I like to plan ahead)

Regular Price $29.75; Sale Price $7.99!

Regular Price $19.75; Sale Price $3.99!!!
Regular Price $19.75; Sale Price $6.99!

So I wanted to get a few other items that were crab themed like this

Too Cute! But when I asked my hubby if the liked them he said "Not really, I don't want people thinking my baby is "crabby" he might be a happy baby" I nearly died with laughter, it was the cutest craziest thing ever said. Don't men take things so literally! I explained the cuteness but he wasn't having it. Oh well! I am glad that I did get such great deals and I always try to buy things that can go with other outfits (I take pride in being a savvy shopper!) Oh and I must mention that shipping is only $5 right now which makes buying online even sweeter!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Target Baby Sale!!

It's going on right now, this week only! I found out about it yesterday and it has been much of the talk on baby forums. I'm trying to resist this urge to buy things before the baby shower but I keep hearing from soo many moms how they hardly received anything from their registry and was stuck buy everything at full price. I HATE FULL PRICE! So that makes me nervous. One of the hottest items on sale is the Graco Lauren crib which has very high reviews both online and in Baby Bargains.
This is a 4-in-1 convertible crib. I also must mention that this crib has stationary sides which is not apart of previous recalls. Target has it on sale right now for $159.99 but they are also including a FREE matching changing table with the purchase!

This is such a good deal! I've sent the information over to my father who will be purchasing the crib for us. I originally was looking at the DaVinci Kalani crib which has great reviews as well but many have wrote of the soft pine that's used which causes dents and scratches but overall a great crib. Here's a picture of the Kalani 4-in-1 convertible crib

I will admit the the Kalani does look a little more rich guess it's because of the thickness of the style. It's also reasonably priced at $250 online. So I'm leaving this up to Gumdrop's Granddad to determine which one he wants to get. Nevertheless I wanted to share this awesome deal with my readers. So if your expecting or know of someone who is I suggest heading over to target for some great deals during their baby sale!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've been looking into this recently and decided I wanted to give it a try for me and gumdrop. I just know I'll be one of those mommies who always wants to hold my baby but sometimes you do need to be hands free. So babywearing seems to be the best of both worlds. There has been discussions on this subject on the baby forums I frequent. Last night I came across two posts that literally sealed the deal for me. On The Baby Makin (g) Machine blog this recent mom talks about her experience wrapping up her newborn. She also posts a video about it and it's ease of use.

Then I read a post about how babywearing helped save this baby's life. It's such a wonderful story and it brought tears to my eyes. Go here to read it. This second post also confirmed to me to TRUST your motherly instinct and do what's best for you and YOUR BABY! This really resonates with me because as new mother you will receive a lot of advice whether you ask for it or not. At the end of the day, it's your job to decide what's best for you and the baby.

So after coming across these posts yesterday, I came across a deal on these Sleepy Wraps.

 I was just looking at the company's site last night, saved it to my favorites to order later on. Guess it was meant for to get it after all because on they are on sale for $29.99! It's only $10 off the retail price but I'll take a deal when I can get one.  So hurry to Zulily if your intereseted because the sale ends September 8th, 2010 at 7am!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Survey!

Is it me or did this weekend just fly by? That's always a great thing when your pregnant in the hot summer and just ready for it to be over. Nothing really happened this week besides the visit from my mommy. As for the holiday looks like it will be a bummer as my family for some strange reason has decided not to get together (what about this pregnant lady craving BBQ?), hubby is working the whole weekend so yeah I'll be doing nothing which lately seems to be what I do best. I hope your holiday weekend plans are much more exciting then mines! Now on to the survey!

How far along?: 23 weeks!

How big is baby?: Big as a Papaya! 1.2 lb, 8 in

Stretch marks?: Same as usual just old ones

Maternity clothes?: Still the same but seeing as I hardly leave the house I live in jammies

Sleep?:  It's hard getting to sleep but man once I do I'm out for like 12 hrs straight! I think it's because the baby is going through a growth spurt because he isn't up often. Seriously like Monday night and all day Tuesday I barely felt him, almost thought something was wrong but these last two days he's been back doing his thing!

Best moment this week?: The surprise visit from my mommy! The roses she brought me are even more gorgeous after blooming!

Food cravings?: KFC Honey BBQ wings...yummo! Other than that I really don't have many cravings.

Gender?: Boy!!!

Movement?: Yes but I think he's going through a growth spurt right now. I've read that this month he'll double his weight.
Belly button?: In

What I miss?:  Lunch meat, wine, lunch meat , wine and you get it lol!
Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: V-DAY! Next week will be viability! Which means the baby has a better chance of surviving outside the womb.

Milestone?: Gumdrop growth spurts

Have a Happy Labor Day everyone! Enjoy that BBQ for me :(

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Speaking of Clothes...

I plan on doing some posts about the wardrobe Gumdrop has acquired so far, and when I say wardrobe I mean it! This little man has quite a few outfits already and I just found out his sex back in July. I can't help it I have the first time mommy shopping addiction! I will say that most is brought on sale or for a REALLY REALLY great price. I've always prided myself for being a smart shopper because I know I love to shop and with hubby being the only one working I make sure to look for deals. Plus once I found I was pregnant I put away some money (when I was working) just for things I'd want to purchase for the baby.

I've kinda curved my shopping down until we have the shower because I'm sure he will get lots of clothes. However I must mention some advice I got about buying clothes for your child vs. waiting until he baby shower.

"Sometimes your tastes will not be the same as others, so if you decide to buy your child clothes or anything for that matter you can always exchange the gifts for something else". I heed that advice while still being appreciative of anything that anyone buys for our baby.

Here's two outfits I got over the weekend for him that were just too cute to pass up! If anyone has boys you know how much harder it is to shop for them compared to girls...but I try!

Sorry it's blurry I took the picture on my iphone.
 It says "Mom Says if you can read this change my diaper" ha! too cute!

I can't wait until he gets big enough to wear this one!

Surprise from Mommy

Today I got a very unexpected visit from my mother. We live about 20 minutes away so it's always a treat when we see each other. Well this afternoon our doorbell rung which woke the hubby out of his hibernation (not good, he works nights). I asked if he was expecting anyone, he said no, so  I immediately thought it must have been my mother because my phone had went off literally seconds prior. Immediate reaction was that something must have been wrong, I don't know why I always think the worst of things but when I got to the door she was standing there with these...

A dozen white roses. I must admit I was still delusional from being awaken from my afternoon nap but it was a wonderful surprise. After the initial shock I invited her in but she declined saying she just wanted to drop them off. So I headed back upstairs to make lunch and put them in water, but I decided to call her. She said she was on her way to have lunch and wanted me to come but felt bad due to my reaction of her being at my door. I was a little p.o'd at first because I try not to go over people's house unannounced. I told her it was fine but next time to call ahead first (not while at the door lol) due to my hubby sleeping during the day, and he works 12 hr shifts so he likes to get EVERY little bit of sleep he can.

I felt bad because I knew she was just trying to do something special so I got dress and drove to meet her for lunch. The afternoon turned out well, after lunch we went to pick up a few groceries and she got the baby this cute onesie

She likes picking him up things every time we go out. I'm glad that an unexpected surprise (which I guess surprises shouldn't be expected right or it can't be a "surprise") turned out to be a wonderful afternoon spent with my mommy!