Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday Survey!

Is it me or did this weekend just fly by? That's always a great thing when your pregnant in the hot summer and just ready for it to be over. Nothing really happened this week besides the visit from my mommy. As for the holiday looks like it will be a bummer as my family for some strange reason has decided not to get together (what about this pregnant lady craving BBQ?), hubby is working the whole weekend so yeah I'll be doing nothing which lately seems to be what I do best. I hope your holiday weekend plans are much more exciting then mines! Now on to the survey!

How far along?: 23 weeks!

How big is baby?: Big as a Papaya! 1.2 lb, 8 in

Stretch marks?: Same as usual just old ones

Maternity clothes?: Still the same but seeing as I hardly leave the house I live in jammies

Sleep?:  It's hard getting to sleep but man once I do I'm out for like 12 hrs straight! I think it's because the baby is going through a growth spurt because he isn't up often. Seriously like Monday night and all day Tuesday I barely felt him, almost thought something was wrong but these last two days he's been back doing his thing!

Best moment this week?: The surprise visit from my mommy! The roses she brought me are even more gorgeous after blooming!

Food cravings?: KFC Honey BBQ wings...yummo! Other than that I really don't have many cravings.

Gender?: Boy!!!

Movement?: Yes but I think he's going through a growth spurt right now. I've read that this month he'll double his weight.
Belly button?: In

What I miss?:  Lunch meat, wine, lunch meat , wine and you get it lol!
Labor signs?: No...and stay away for a while!

What I'm looking forward to?: V-DAY! Next week will be viability! Which means the baby has a better chance of surviving outside the womb.

Milestone?: Gumdrop growth spurts

Have a Happy Labor Day everyone! Enjoy that BBQ for me :(

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