Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Speaking of Clothes...

I plan on doing some posts about the wardrobe Gumdrop has acquired so far, and when I say wardrobe I mean it! This little man has quite a few outfits already and I just found out his sex back in July. I can't help it I have the first time mommy shopping addiction! I will say that most is brought on sale or for a REALLY REALLY great price. I've always prided myself for being a smart shopper because I know I love to shop and with hubby being the only one working I make sure to look for deals. Plus once I found I was pregnant I put away some money (when I was working) just for things I'd want to purchase for the baby.

I've kinda curved my shopping down until we have the shower because I'm sure he will get lots of clothes. However I must mention some advice I got about buying clothes for your child vs. waiting until he baby shower.

"Sometimes your tastes will not be the same as others, so if you decide to buy your child clothes or anything for that matter you can always exchange the gifts for something else". I heed that advice while still being appreciative of anything that anyone buys for our baby.

Here's two outfits I got over the weekend for him that were just too cute to pass up! If anyone has boys you know how much harder it is to shop for them compared to girls...but I try!

Sorry it's blurry I took the picture on my iphone.
 It says "Mom Says if you can read this change my diaper" ha! too cute!

I can't wait until he gets big enough to wear this one!

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