Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Headed to Ikea Tomorrow!

Today has been a really lax day. Tomorrow I plan on heading out to Ikea to shop for baby items that I posted a few days back. Every time I go to Ikea it's like a field trip. That store is so huge that it can quickly become overwhelming! I'd never go there on a Saturday as a pregnant lady because it's too hectic. In addition to Ikea I plan on going to a few other stores that are in the area. My plan is to start at Ikea, followed by Marshalls then stop for lunch at the local coney island (yummy), then head to Target, back around to Buy Buy Baby and finally Walmart. Geez I'm tried just thinking about it..pray for my strength! I will have my water and granola bar in tow and will take constant breaks. Hopefully I don't do too much damage tomorrow and thankful the hubby is off so he can load all the bags into the house. You may wonder why he wouldn't be going along with me? Well although he would go I wouldn't go to that many stores with him, he tunes out pretty quickly. Plus he's coming off a 12 day work stretch so I want him to get plenty of rest tomorrow!

I've found a few more things I'd like to get from Ikea tomorrow and according to the website they are in stock at the store.

Plus whatever else I may find. I'll come back with a full shopping report!

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