Monday, September 27, 2010

Awesome Weekend Deal!

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was a great one. I was really busy this weekend and did a little shopping too. My mother and I went to Target (seriously love this store) to see if this pack and play was still there (here's the back story). Remember when I went to Ikea last week? Well Target was one of my other stops. While checking out the baby section I swore I seen the pack and play that goes with the travel system I wanted. Plus I swore it had that lovely red sticker on it (clearance). Well for some strange reason I didn't put much thought into it (perhaps because it was tucked in behind other PnP's ).

Well I got home and it stayed on my mind. Should I go back to check it out? Should I just wait and hope someone purchases it for the shower? Well knowing myself waiting to see what others might do is not my thing. Furthermore I was cringing at the thought that if no one brought us a PnP off our registry that I'd have to purchase one for FULL Price and we all know that's not my thing. Well I take that back I purchase many things regular price but I try not to ever pass up a deal. So we headed back and it was still there hiding as if someone was going to come back for it. The box was pretty beat up so my mom suggested taking it to guest services. The lady was extremely nice. Checked to see if it was any additional markdown and gave me 10% off the clearance price.
So I got a brand new Graco PnP that's regular priced at $149.99 on for only $72 after tax! Talk about a deal! Here's the model I got:

It comes with the newborn napper, changing table and diaper stacker. The PnP also vibrates, plays music and has a night light which will be perfect for a worrisome new mommy who likes to constantly check on their baby. I'm in love! This weekend the hubby will set it up just so we can make sure everything is in working order. I'm soo excited!

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  1. Awww man! That is great Kellie! I love it, it's so cute! Okay now...with all this shopping and purchasing, you aren't going to NEED a dang babyshower! Slow down Kel's. LOL