Monday, September 20, 2010

Single vs. Married Friends

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend, I know I did. I got so much done this weekend then I did the whole week! The grandmother's meeting went very well! It was really nice seeing them all laughing and excited about the baby. I just sat back and listened.

As you see from the title of the post that I'd like to talk about single vs. married friends. Yesterday "La La's Full Court Wedding" aired on VH1 (love that network).

She's recently married to Carmelo Anthony who plays for the Denver Nuggets. Anyways she was out to lunch with her best male friend Tyrese (singer/actor) and he brought up that she only has single friends and that she should begin hanging with those who are married (mind you he isn't married).

Well this topic has since become a twitter discussion/ as well as on some wedding boards. I totally understand where he was coming from and I don't think he was saying dump all of your single friends but to get some married ones as well because your no longer in that "space" (his words). I think this applies to not only marriage but other aspects of life. For instance I couldn't see someone who has a profession hanging with their old friends who are just coasting by. Better yet a lawyer hanging with a criminal type of thing. I think you should have a balance between single and married friends. For one it may be easier to speak to someone who is in the same situation as yourself concerning marriage because it may be something your single friend doesn't understand. Also your single friend may be less understanding/quick to tell you to end your marriage as a married friend may be more inclined to tell you to work it out (again not in all cases).

In my case I've noticed that as I acquired more in life that perhaps my friends hadn't, the sense of jealousy came along and I lost a few friends because we were at two different stages of our lives. Especially at my age where your either still hanging out at the clubs, possibly still living at home and causally dating or married and settled down. I've never been the party goer and was always in a committed relationship so it was just natural that I'd settle down before most of my friends.

So what do you think? If your married has your relationship changed with your single friends? If your single did things change once your friend was married? Did you feel you had less in common?

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