Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Dreaded Drink

I had mines yesterday, totally wasn't expecting it but my O.B. gave it to me anyways. Yep I'm talking about that orange extra sugary drink (sometimes in other flavors) that tells whether or not your glucose tolerant. I knew I'd have to take the 1hr glucose test by my next appointment because it's given between 26-28 weeks and I'm nearly 27 wks but while my O.B. was asking the routine questions of how I was feeling since the last appointment, the med assistant was out there getting it ready.

O.B. : Umm do you have time to take the 1hr test today

Me: Thinking to myself (heck naw, I want to indulge some more in case my results aren't good). Well before I could even give an answer, the assistant was knocking on the door with the drink in hand. Guess I had no choice lol!

Me: Well I ate a granola bar this morning, I didn't need to fast or anything?

O.B.: Oh no, your fine just take the drink and we'll draw you blood in a hour

The drink wasn't that bad and I've heard of some horror stories of how nasty it was, how it made some nauseous. So I went in expecting the worst. Lucky for me mines was nice and chilled as I have read that it's sometimes given at room temp. I was also lucky that my mom decided to join me so I had someone to keep me company for that hour, making it go by really fast. So the verdict won't be in for about a week. I was told I'd only be contacted if I didn't pass. Please Lord don't let them call me!! I can't imaging going in for the 3 hr test and waiting that long in the lobby and having blood drawn every hour!

Wish me luck!!

BTW I'm officially far along that I go every TWO weeks now! I actually enjoy getting out the house and getting a chance to hear his never gets old ;)

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