Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Storage Solutions: Dressers

OMG I'm going crazy finding a dresser to match the Da Vinci Kalani crib! Don't get me wrong they have one that goes with the set but I definitely don't like the price! Here's the matching dressers for the crib



$400! (color is skewed)

Seriously why does the dresser cost more than the crib?! It seems like anything attached to baby marks the value up ten fold ( same thing with weddings, I know this all to well from recently getting married). I would like to have enough space to put the changing pad on top with some room left while still having 4+ drawers, something like this

With a better price around $200

So now the question is do I change my crib (which I've been eyeing forever) or suck it up and buy a matching dresser which would probably be the first one or see if the last one pictured will be a close match and go with that one. Honestly at this point I just want something to put his clothes in, is sturdy and will last a year or two. I could always upgrade later but then the type A personality in me wants everything to match PERFECTLY! Ugh! I need opinions, heck even find me some alternatives (the color is espresso btw)!

So I need to take a step away from this before I explode. On another note I've found these great dresser organizers that I'll be heading to IKEA to get! Their by the Komplement line and will be great for organizing baby booties, paci's, onesies etc. I think I will only need it for the top drawer where those items will go. Here's what they look like, once I see them in person I'll decide on which one to get

So there you have it I'm completely lost on the dresser issue. Again with this being Nursery Week chime in with opinions, suggestions or reviews if you have a product I'm considering. I read ALL the two or three comments I get :)


  1. We had the same dilemma with buying a dresser to match our crib... the matching dresser was $500! We got a Stork Craft dresser from Amazon and the colors match really well. We got ours in cherry, and you can't even tell they are two different brands. Like the crib, it scratches easily too, but you're kind of getting what you pay for.


    If you'd rather not have the 2-level dresser, I adore the last dresser you posted. :-)

  2. I really like the 1st and 2nd dressers since they match the actual crib. I'm like you and would want the crib to be an exact match with the dresser. If it wasn't for this I would go with the last dresser since it's cheaper and bigger. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  3. I also like the first and 2nd dresser! Decisions, decisions, decisions! :)