Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things Come in Sets

Yesterday I posted about buying our pack and play. Well guess what's on it's way to join the team...the TRAVEL SYSTEM!!! My wonderful MIL informed me that she ordered it over the weekend. It's like destiny, having both items together. I doubt we set up the travel system for a while though but it's great to have that out of the way! The entire collection is by Graco and the style is Lowery. I love that it's gender neutral with browns and lime greens and dots. I wanted to stay away from all blue because I do plan on using the baby gear for when we decide to have a second baby. Hopefully they won't be too far apart to were the items are outdated. They also have the matching swing and high chair with the collection but I won't be getting those. Graco swings don't have the best reviews for longevity (motors clumping out, music stops working etc). The high chair has okay reviews but I'm swooning over this fisher price one so there you have it. I'm grateful that Gumdrop has 4 sets of grandparents which means most of the big ticket items are already being taking care of. Everyone is excited as this is the first grand baby for my husband parents and the first grandson for my mother. The Graco Lowery travel system comes highly rated online and also in Baby Bargains (the bible for all things baby).

Here's a picture of everything together on the site

I'm in love :)

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