Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Surprise from Mommy

Today I got a very unexpected visit from my mother. We live about 20 minutes away so it's always a treat when we see each other. Well this afternoon our doorbell rung which woke the hubby out of his hibernation (not good, he works nights). I asked if he was expecting anyone, he said no, so  I immediately thought it must have been my mother because my phone had went off literally seconds prior. Immediate reaction was that something must have been wrong, I don't know why I always think the worst of things but when I got to the door she was standing there with these...

A dozen white roses. I must admit I was still delusional from being awaken from my afternoon nap but it was a wonderful surprise. After the initial shock I invited her in but she declined saying she just wanted to drop them off. So I headed back upstairs to make lunch and put them in water, but I decided to call her. She said she was on her way to have lunch and wanted me to come but felt bad due to my reaction of her being at my door. I was a little p.o'd at first because I try not to go over people's house unannounced. I told her it was fine but next time to call ahead first (not while at the door lol) due to my hubby sleeping during the day, and he works 12 hr shifts so he likes to get EVERY little bit of sleep he can.

I felt bad because I knew she was just trying to do something special so I got dress and drove to meet her for lunch. The afternoon turned out well, after lunch we went to pick up a few groceries and she got the baby this cute onesie

She likes picking him up things every time we go out. I'm glad that an unexpected surprise (which I guess surprises shouldn't be expected right or it can't be a "surprise") turned out to be a wonderful afternoon spent with my mommy!

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