Monday, August 30, 2010

4 Week Check Up

I had my regular four week check up today, which kinda seemed like my most important one to date. My husband tagged along for this one, which he usually does if he doesn't have to work that night or goes in late ( I LOVE HIM). Anyways, I had my pregnancy journal in hand (which they give you at your very first appointment) and I was armed with questions of what I was feeling, my official ultrasound report from the last Monday etc. I explained to the Dr. that my spasms, throbbing or kicking ( don't know what to describe it as) were getting more frequent and I was having severe back pressure as well. Well that prompted her to do another exam (mind you the hubby was still in the room). When I say I'm never relaxed enough for those things and boy did my husband see my face grimacing and when I looked over at him, he had the funniest face ever as if he was experiencing the discomfort as well lol! She check and my cervix was still closed and there was no signs of bleeding.

So I got to the questions, asking if it was possible that I may have a kidney stone (did some googling), which she said is possible because I had blood in my urine before, but I should be able to pass it  if I hadn't already. Then I asked if it's possible that the discomfort I'm feeling is only bothering me and not the baby. She said based on the exams and ultrasounds that it could be possible. Therefore I was fine knowing that Gumdrop was out of harms way and it's something only mommy has to deal with. Finally my hubby asked if the baby may have been laying on something and kicking/punching it which is intensifying the pressure. Again she said yes...oh the world of POSSIBILITIES!

I was satisfied though because she ended saying it was her job to find out what this discomfort was and that if it intensified including the back pressure to come back in for a special ultrasound and perhaps even physical therapy. She also mentioned that if it was a kidney stone a CT Scan could be done, which I immediately declined seeing as the fetus shouldn't be exposed to radiation unless ABSOLUTELY necessary, which honestly I wouldn't care if it was necessary we won't be going that route AT ALL!

The baby is perfect, we heard him kicking on the doppler because the doctor was disturbing his home pressing on my belly, he kicked hard right where the doppler was, told you he can be stubborn!

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