Thursday, August 26, 2010

Follow your Instinct! Pt 2

Once we arrived to the hospital I was pretty calm about things, we (my dh, mother and I) had prayed and even had some laughs on the way there. Gumdrop popped right up on the screen, I was excited to see him but more importantly I was more concerned with listening to what the ultrasound tech had to say. BTW she was GOD SEND! Absolutely a nice lady (I've heard horrible stories about some techs before). She started checking: cervix; closed (great), fibroids; none present (whew), placenta; still attached (praise god; that's my baby's food source!), no dilation, no cysts, kidneys were fine. It just got better and better. 

Now that everything was okay with gumdrop's home, we enjoyed the show. He was relaxing, looking straight up, gave us a couple of peep shows and then the next two things he did blew our minds. First he was trying to get his thumb in his mouth! I thought it was the cutest thing ever. Then the tech started poking my belly to get him to move more, he started kicking away, obviously he didn't like that and probably knew it wasn't mommy because I never do that! However the kicker is what we saw next, he began practicing breathing! We literally saw his little lungs and tummy inhale and exhale. The tech was like WOW he's smart! Most babies don't start doing that until 28 wks (he's only 21). I felt like a proud momma and figured she most have some expertise of seeing this since she mentioned that she's been doing this for oh about 20 YEARS!

The tech also mentioned that it could have been that the baby is laying/kicking on a weird spot that may be causing that pressure in my lower abdomen. Overall the ultrasound looked well and my lab results will be back by my Monday appointment. On a funny note my hubby did say "after looking at those lungs when he was practicing we'll probably have a sceamer on our hands" Oh I don't even want to imagine...we'll see in about 4 months!

           Here he is trying to get that thumb!

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