Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I don't know if I mentioned in my previous posts what we are having but I may as well do it now! I had an ultrasound on July 28th due to what I thought was spotting (trust me every little thing freaks me out while pregnant). I had my cervix was perfect! The tech then performed the ultrasound. Gumdrop popped right up on the screen, moving away! It was the best sight I've ever seen. Our first ultrasound was done at 7 wks so the baby literally looked like a peanut, but today everything was more pronounced!

               Closeup of Gumdrop's precious little face!

Profile and Body shot...look at that tummy!
17wk 5d

And last but not least....

 The Money Shot!! It's a BOY!!!

When the tech showed us a tear rolled down my face. I was having a boy and soo many emotions crossed my mind. I always had the feeling that it was a boy up until about a week before when I thought it may of been a girl. I was overwhelmed with joy but most importantly our baby was healthy! Now we just had to figure out the name!

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