Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Momma Motown!

Sorry for posting so late but yesterday was my mothers birthday and I just got in the house at midnight. Why would a newlywed be out so late on a weekday? Well I took my mother to see our favorite opera of the world entire universe (yes we love it that much). What could be so awesome you may ask? Here it is:

Yes the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!!! I love it so much! I surprised Momma Motown with second row floor seats (all the first row was sold out). We had the aisle seats which were perfect. When I say that we were so close that when the explosions went off I could feel the flame on my eyebrows! In addition to the opera I took her to dinner and brought her a nice shirt to wear for her birthday. She was so happy and doing for others gives me a kick too! The play was almost three hours long so hence why I'm posting so late. After we left the opera the whole entire car ride home she kept thanking me for such an awesome time. I simply explained to her that it was the very least I could do. My mother was a major help throughout my planning process. Whenever I was stressed or depressed she was always cheering me up, attending every dress fitting and bearing the occasional snaps too :)

I couldn't have thought of a better way to spend my regular boring Wednesday night. Not to mention that today will go in my book of memories.

Have you done anything special for your parents birthday that just blew their socks off?

Do Share!

A picture a guest took of me and Momma Motown at the wedding!


  1. What an awesome birthday present!! I was just talking to FI about going to see Phantom when it's at the Wharton Center (in May). I love it...and he's never been. It's definitely time! :)

  2. Happy birthday momma motown! Looking good...!!

  3. Taryn- When I went to State I worked at the Wharton Center! I used to assist during the Lion King play (which I love and working there I've seen a thousand times lol). Your going to LOVE the show!