Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mr. Postman

Hey Mr. Postman!
Can you pretty please hurry with the delivery of our professional pictures? Until then, I will be constantly stalking my mailbox until their arrival.Thanks!

Yes Motownets, our CD of pro pics are in the mail and I'm oh so excited. I have like OCD when it comes to thank you notes and it's been almost 7 weeks since our wedding and I'm ready to get these suckers out! We are doing photo thank you cards similar to our save the dates so I'm at a stand still until I get my CD of images. I did get to view the online event of our photos and I must say I'm PLEASED! Well for the most part anyways but I'll talk about that a little later. Hopefully I will have our pics in the next day or so and I will do a FULL recap next week! YAY! Stay Tuned!

Til then here's a teaser!


  1. can't wait for your re-cap & fab photos!

  2. I cannot WAIT for you to do your recap! From the few you've shown, I know the rest will be gorgeous!

  3. Just went through all your wedding photos. I love it! I love your wedding. You look so happy.