Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Ready

The morning started at Motown City Casino & Hotel. I was only going off of two hours of sleep but was fully energized! I was getting married today. It begin to rain that morning which put a damper on things at first and made us a little behind. Seriously it was raining soo soo soo hard! Like we were in a tropical storm or something. I headed to the salon and made a run to the reception and nearly had a major crisis! I almost ran into my hubby as he was dropping items off at the reception. Everyone was good at keeping us apart and from there me and my girls and mom were in tow heading back to the hotel to get ready. When we arrived to the hotel my photographer and make up artist were already then. I headed to the room and begin to get ready. I was so excited and nerves hadn't kicked in at this point. I was just ready to see my groom!

Up Next the Ceremony!


  1. Your so gorgeous K, can't wait to see more!

  2. Your dress is amazing, what is the name of it?

  3. Thank you! It's Mary's Bridal collection. They have a website that you can check out Hope this helps!