Thursday, October 1, 2009


As my bridesmaids and I left the hotel the limo ride was quite a calm one. Lots of picture snapping and just over all excitement. Before we knew it we were there, a little behind and guests had begin to arrive. It was quite amusing watching guests enter the church, while I was secretly watching from the limo (our windows was very tinted). Once the rain finally calmed down a bit and it was clear of guests, two of my bm's came to get me with huge umbrellas.

We ran in and straight up stairs as I knew my soon to be husband was only a few feet away downstairs. As we waited in the social room of the church, more pictures were taken. I finally got to see my lovely flower girls and some other members of the wedding party.

It was really kicking it. Suddenly I had the urge that I needed to go to the bathroom. I kept thinking I'd hate to be at the alter for 30-45 mins with a full bladder distracting me! So operation "Get the bride to bathroom" was underway. Mind you we had guests constantly entering the church and I didn't want to be seen by ANYONE! So we had guarded the door and cleared the hallway telling the guests it would be a moment as I dashed into the private bathroom in the church office. With a help from some of my girls I was ready to head back. Again the halls had to be clear and I dashed back into the room to wait until it was my time. The time was nearing and my bridesmaids began to place my veil on me.

It was getting real! But what made it a reality was the moment I saw my father.

Everyone cleared the room and lined up for the ceremony to begin, as we just waited for our que.

This was it, it was time. As soon as I entered the chapel the tears of happiness began. I got myself together but still managed the pretty ugly cry lol.

At this point nothing else mattered. I was about to marry the man of my dreams.

Up Next Post Ceremony!


  1. Beautiful shots...adorable flower girls!

  2. KayKay...SO beautiful. Loves it! I can't see what I did with your email (sorry!) can you email me so we can discuss that ::fab:: veil?