Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Details : The Cake!

This week's post will be dedicated to the details of the wedding. I tried to emphasis with details because we didn't have the biggest budget to work with. I've spent countless hours on wedding boards looking for ideas and inspiration. I'm so happy that I found these sites and I've "met" so many wonderful online ladies that it almost seems like I "know"them haha! Today I present our wedding cake! It was everything I hoped for. Simple in design but screamed classic. I think that the design of a cake is key but more importantly is the TASTE! I hate seeing a gorgeous cake to only have a bite of it and it's completely horrible! IMO it's a severe disservice, almost like false advertising ( yes it's kinda that serious).

When it was time to choose our cake we went with my cousin who I knew would do great things for the cake. All of her cakes are phenomenal and it was a natural given that she would construct our cake. Don't get caught up in using "popular" vendors, I focused on who would give me exactly what I wanted without inflating the price because it was a wedding. Ask around, get recommendations and don't be afraid to use someone who isn't well known. My cousin makes cakes out of her home but don't let that fool you! She gives cake tastings, has a professional portfolio and it's almost a plus that she's not in a shop because sometimes that what you end up paying for; maintaining their business. Furthermore she's the head cake baker for a well known country club in MI and makes all of their clients wedding cakes so I had no hesitation with booking this vendor!

We had 3 layers of :
vanilla with butter cream
chocolate with bailey's filling
red velvet with cream cheese

The cake went so fast that we (the groom and I) didn't even get a chance to eat the red velvet! It was swooped up as soon as it hit the cake table! I've had so many guests asking for her cards and saying how good the cake was!


  1. Hello, I am getting married in Detroit and I would love to have the name of your baker. Could you please forward her info to me (if you don't mind) at mrs.johnson2be@yahoo.com. PRETTY PLEASE!!!