Thursday, October 15, 2009

MIA For A While!

Yes I'll be on a small hiatus because my cousin just had her twin babies yesterday and I'm on hospital duty in the morning! I'm so excited that the baby's are healthy and safe and so is my cousin. She practically went full term with twins, she was 38 weeks when she had them. Since Mr. Motown & I married in August we've had tons of family (and strangers too) asking if we were going to have children soon. I must admit since marrying I have had baby fever but it's so many other things that we want to get done first that we are in no rush. We want the best for our children and I'm super anal about things that I want to make sure all my priorities and responsibilities are taken care of first. I think that some really don't take into account all the things that come along with babies. I just graduated college and I would like to get fully in my career (and pay off some students loans too) first. Nevertheless when God finds it's right to bless us with a baby we will be ready with open hearts!
Here are some pictures of the twins...Did I mention that they are both BOYS!
Baby Aven -7.2 lbs
Baby Avery - 5.13 lbs
Yes she carried over 12 lbs of baby in her! She's a trooper! I will be back soon to continue wedding detail posts!

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