Monday, October 5, 2009

Post Ceremony

After the ceremony we exited the church and it felt like the birds were chirping lol! The sun had come out and we were MARRIED! We greeted some of our guests, quickly took a picture with my grandparents which I never imagined would be the last one with my grandmother, do to the fact that her oxygen tank was low and had to head home. We returned into the chapel to take formal pictures. Then we headed to the park to take photos. Heading to the park the limo driver got seriously LOST! Luckily our photog was in the limo with us and used his handy IPhone (which I SO want!) to get us there. Since we had got lost we didn't hardly have anytime to take photos. Our photographer did the best he could given the circumstances but now after receiving our pictures back I'm a little sadden that Mr. Motown & I don't have a lot of photos together that I've swooned over, picked out and visualized the months leading up to the wedding. Nevertheless I am happy for what he was able to capture and grateful that it DID stop raining because otherwise we wouldn't have had any outdoor pics. Guess you have to take whatever cards are dealt and play your hand wisely huh?

Up Next: Party Time!