Friday, September 18, 2009

Prayers Please!

Back in July I posted that my Bachelorette party went horribly wrong and ended with me being hospitalized, you can read that post here. I may have mentioned as well that I was uninsured at the time. Well now that me and Mr. Motown are married I was added to his insurance plan. That's the good news! Bad news is that when I was at the hospital a doctor read my MRI and noticed that I could have Demyelinating Disease, which can lead to Multiple Sclerosis amongst other things. I'm like wtf is that and why hadn't I've known about this. So he recommended that I see a neurologist.
This morning I have an appointment to see a neurologist. I'm so nervous, worried, name it. I googled what the disease was (I google everything) and I do have some of the symptoms but I REFUSE to claim this disease until I'm evaluated. I'm asking all of my readers to say a pray or two or three for that matter that I was misdiagnosed. We've been through so much in our first month of marriage that I couldn't imagine dealing with another situation. I know it's crazy to think this way but immediately I thought of Mr. Motown and how he would handle having to deal with something else concerning me. I was worried if he'd feel like I was a burden. (I always think of others before myself). So I talked to him about how he felt about me possibly having this disease. He simply said "For Better or Worse, In Sickness and Health". I just began to cry because I've really found a wonderful supportive man. I know some search a lifetime to experience love and some never find it, so knowing that I've married a person who is standing by my side during these hurdles, confirms that I made the right decision in marrying him (not that I was having doubts).
Well it's 2:24 am and my appt. is at Noon and I can hardly sleep. Again just asking for prayers and I'll have an update on Monday.
Mrs. Motown


  1. You'll be in my prayers today, KayKay!

  2. This year has brought me quite a few health challenges. My prayer is always for acceptance and to find blessings in every circumstance. Blogging about it has also been therapeutic for me.