Saturday, November 21, 2009

Do I Still Have Any Readers?

Wow, I've totally been a slacker! I have so much to update you lovely Motownets with as well as finish my wedding recaps! I will have a "full" post this weekend and get the gears rolling to regularly blogging. So please don't bail out on me yet!!!!!!!


Mrs. Motown


  1. LMAO!! Kells you still have me! That puppy is thee cutest!! By the way, its Jenni, your knottie/fb sister.

  2. Hey Jenn! Girl I've been slacking so bad it's a shame. It's hard because I'm working 5days/wk 8-5 pm and being a wife is a second job lol!

  3. Hey Kell! You know I came back over here a few times and didn't even notice you commented too. I can only imagine how anti-anythingtodowithweddings you are after all the planning and everything. I know a blog would be the last thing on my mind. Hope newlywed life is treating you great!

  4. Hey KayKay! If you're still checking your blog, please visit mine. I have an award waiting for you!