Wednesday, July 8, 2009


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Yes lovely Motownets I'm time is near and I am beyond excited! Mr. Motown and I have exactly one month until we exchange marriage vows! I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed because I have so many little projects that I need to get done. So forgive me If I don't post everyday, I hope you will stick around to see how our Motown Marriage will pan out.
So if your reading this please share some advice on staying stress free during this month! I greatly appreciate it!


  1. Yay!

    My advice is "let it go": If/when people get one your nerves--or do something unexpected--just let it go and keep doing what you need to do. If you have things to do at the last minute--really think about if it's that important to have? If it is, it will get done--don't worry. If it's not....let it go. Enjoy this month with your FI! You two are going to have a beautiful day!

  2. Woohoo!! Congrats, lady!

    My advice would be to remember to take some time for yourself & FI in a non-wedding related way. Exchange back rubs (yours last so you can enjoy it more. hehe), hold hands or just ban wedding talk during dinner. It goes a long way towards refreshing your outlook!

  3. I thank you ladies so much! I will heed both your advice :)