Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bridal Hostess Gifts

Wrapping up my bridal shower posts I would like to share with you the lovely gifts I gave to my MM's for hosting such a wonderful shower. It couldn't have been perfect timing that my shower was around the time of semi-annual sales. So I decided to go with the "From My Shower to Yours" theme and search for gifts that fit the concept. Here's some pictures of the gifts I passed out at the end of the shower, thanking my MM's!

The tags where made in MSWord and I downloaded a ducky graphic to add to it

The bags contained : body sponge, wash and lotion, a candle and cooling face mask

This is a picture of my junior bridesmaid gift (my little sister) who is only 10 yrs old, so I wanted to get her something different from the other MM's. She is in love with body spray/perfume so I got her a few different scents enclosed in this pink case which she can reuse as a pencil case for school (being resourceful people!). She loved her gift so much that she didn't put it down the whole night, she simply kept carrying it.. (soo cute)!

Sometimes the simple little things mean the most. My MM's weren't expecting a gift and they were pleasantly surprised when I handed them out. You don't have to spend tons of money to show your appreciation, because the little things adds up to become big things :)

Are you giving gifts to those who host your shower? If so, what is it?

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