Monday, April 18, 2011

A Little Update!!

Well a lot has been going on in our household! We are moving soon! Donnie has a case of diarrhea :/ I too haven't been feeling the best, Easter is around the corner and we've yet to take his pictures with the Easter bunny! So I've been slightly overwhelmed. I know everything will fall into place but I'm just a planner and lately it seems like I've been thrown more go with the flow things, guess I need to take the hint and embrace it huh? On another note, I'm really trying to figure out how to start loving blogging again. I can seriously go and check EVERY one of my favorite blogs but I kinda dread updating my own. That would be a sign to stop right? Well I don't really know what I want to do, I always wanted a blog with the fancy designs, tons of followers who posted regularly but how can I ever expect to get that if I'm not consistent with my posts, and let's not mention the fact that I've never done a giveaway :/ I dunno I guess will see which way this ships sails...until next time!

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