Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Apparently having a newborn consumes all of your time and energy and I haven't had the urge to blog. I'm sorry! I hope to get into some type of routine soon! First let me start off by telling you how breast feeding is going. I'm off the meds and Donnie is latching on! I haven't gave him formula since Saturday! We are taking it one day at a time. Yesterday we went to the breast feeding clinic and they answered so many of my questions. It felt good that things I thought I was doing right were confirmed (mommy intuition kicking in!). I'm also pumping to build a supply and giving him two breast milk bottles a day (from the advice of the pediatrician). Luckily he doesn't seem to have any nipple confusion and takes them both. I know all mom's feel this way but Donnie is one smart baby, especially since he's considered a preemie he does things a full term baby should do. For instance I was told that it may take until he was "term" (which would have been Dec 11th) or even until his due date before he may be able to latch and breast feed correctly. Well so far my son has had no problems! He's amazing and I think he knew how important it was for mama to have this bond with him. Again I want to say thanks to all my readers for encouraging me, giving awesome advice and the whole nine!


  1. Check you out Sis!! You are working it out mommy style! I'm so glad Donnie is a pro at latching on!! I look forward to your updates!

  2. I am SO happy to hear that he is latching on and you're both doing so well. You and Donnie are due for some things to be easy for a while. :-) Have a wonderful Christmas with your family!