Monday, February 21, 2011

Date Nights

Hubs and I went on our second date since Donnie arrived. I think that's not bad seeing as though he's just three months (well on Thursday). The first time we went out to dinner at J. Alexanders, it was soo yummo! This past weekend we went to the movies to see Unknown starring Liam Neeson. It was really good but Takers was better. I don't want to give away the movie but it's definitely worth seeing! I always heard that date nights took a back seat once you had a baby. I can see how that can happen, you get so caught up in the day to day routine, taking care of the baby and you look up and your marriage hasn't been attended to. Hubs and I haven't made any type of vow to go out routinely but so far we know when it's time to get back to us and that's when we'll have a date night. You may think it's not good to wait that long but it's working for us right now and until otherwise I think we'll stick to this plan.

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