Monday, February 7, 2011

Detroit Pride!!!

I'm not a big football fan but today like many others I watched the Superbowl, mainly because it was nothing else on TV. For the most part I kept up with the game and the commercial were so-so until this one commercial came on and stole the night and my love for my city. Yep I'm referring to the Chrysler 200 commercial featuring Eminem. It showed the good in Detroit which rarely happens because it seems as if my city is always put down by the media, officials, out of towners etc. I'll be the first to admit that A LOT needs to change in Detroit but what major city doesn't have it's problems?

So I was all to glad to see this commercial, what it represented and to shine a better light on my city. The hometown of where cars where built. The Big 3 is in my backyard and nearly everyone from Michigan has ties to the automotive industry in some form. So yes I'm glad to see Chrysler on a comeback and even more happy that the Obama administration bailed out the auto industry because at the end of the day we NEED cars that are built IN the U.S. and BY Americans. Here's the commercial if you missed it and yes "THIS IS WHAT WE DO!!!"

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