Monday, March 7, 2011

God Parents

When I was pregnant, hubs and I discussed this quite often. Who would we want to be Donnie's (at the time Gumdrop's) God Parents? We went through our list of friends (which is very small I might add) and shared why each one would/wouldn't be a great choice. For me my Maid of Honor Karrah was my first and really only pick. Hubs on the other hand was a little in limbo about his decision. So we left it alone for a while thinking that we would have plenty of time before Donnie came...WRONG! By him coming early we didn't even have a name picked out let alone God Parents. Next thing you know the months started to go by and he was still God Parent less. Finally hubs chose his co-worker Dr. West and I was set on my first choice Karrah. Now the asking began.

Dr. West was excited and said it was a honor, but honestly I was a little apprehensive about him because he's much older than us, he works a TON (he's a top cardio doctor here ) and he commutes between here and Chicago. Donnie is three months old and he has YET to even see him! So yeah I don't know how this is going to turn out. Well this past Saturday I finally asked my BFF/MOH Karrah. She was in town (she too lives in Chicago) and I just thought asking her in person would be the best way instead of over the phone (I love to see people's reactions). We went to dinner and I asked her if she would be my son's God Mommy, when I say she teared up,which made me tear up it was just perfect! She even revealed that she was kinda waiting for me to ask her but figured that since so much time had passed that I had chose someone else.

I just want Donnie to have a relationship with his God Parents unlike myself or hubs did. I never met my god mother and can hardly remember my god father. So given the fact that my god parents weren't apart of my life I wanted to go about this as best as possible. I chose Karrah for the right reasons, like if something was to ever happen to hubs and I (god forbid) I know that she would step in and help raise our son (along with the grandparents). I don't care if she spoils him or not but rather that she spend some quality time with him is what I'm hoping for. I know she's the right match and I couldn't see anyone else filling that role.

So that was my weekend! Donnie has a God Mommy now and I established a lifelong bond with my best friend!

Pics of us over the years



  1. omg!! i know you!! You were a bride on PW. KAY? i'm so happy I came across your blog! And our friendship continues in the blogging world. =)

  2. I can't believe you don't have a ton of friends. You are so adorable! Anywho, so happy you two settled on godparents. I too hope my kid has a better relationship with her godparents than I have with mine.

  3. Hi Jaryce, yes it's me Kellie from PW! Thanks for reading my blog! If you have one I'll be checking it out :)

    Reina- That was soo sweet! I've always been a loner type lol! So I try to keep my few friends that I do have close!