Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy 3 Months!!!

Donnie turned three months last Thursday! We had a doctor's appointment that day so I was able to get some update stats.

  • Weighs 13 lbs 8.5 oz
  • 23 cm long
  • Drinks 5-6 oz every 3-4 hours
  • Can fit 3-6 month clothes depending on the brand
  • No sure about shoes as he hardly wears them (mostly booties)
  • Has the most contagious smile ever.
  • Is "talking" so much now, he loves to hold conversations
  • Love his play mat, he reaches and grabs onto the toys while kicking his feet like crazy!
  • Has rolled over from tummy to back once
  • Tolerates his bumbo for limited amounts of time
  • Sleeps about 5-7 hours at night! (I'm taking what I can get)
  • Loves looking at himself in the mirror
  • Follows objects and people really well
  • Sits "patiently" in his bouncer so that I can get things done
That's about all I can think of right now, maybe I should start writing these things down more! Next month he gets his 4 month shots and once again I think I may not be ready for them!

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  1. Happy 3 months Donnie! And happy 3-month mom-iversary to you K! I love the photos and how the teddy bear looks like he's got his arm around Donnie.

    My little guy is almost 17 months old and I am never ready for his shots. I still cry every time. :-P