Monday, March 21, 2011

Sunday Service

We took Donnie to church for the very first time this past Sunday. I was great finally letting him make his debut to the family! Saturday night I got a head start on getting our clothes together and packing his diaper bag, I wanted it to be as smooth as possible for getting ready. Luckily my mother was over for the weekend so we gave Donnie a bath and groomed him for the next day. Then I picked out his outfit for church. I wanted to keep him somewhat casual and most of his "church" clothes are still too big. So I picked out his baby Gap jeans (which are soo soft and cute I might add), a button up sweater that I had purchased from Children's Place back when I was pregnant and his Old Navy loafers. I just couldn't wait to see him all dressed up the next day.

Then I moved on to packing his diaper bag, which I seriously think I always over do! I packed a change of clothes (jammies) and an extra shirt just in case he spit up, along with all the other necessities. One thing that I had to do differently was pack his bottles. He used to use Playtex Drop-ins but I came to find out that it was making him gassy and excess spit up so we recently switched to Dr. Browns bottles which I LOVE! The first time we took the bottles outside the house I packed chilled milk in one of those insulated bottle bags. Well by the time we got to our destination ALL the milk had leaked through the bag and over everything in his diaper bag.

So this time I used the Dr. B's travel caps and kept them upright on the sides of the diaper bag, I had to pack the straw vent and topper thingy (I don't know what they are called) along with the ring and nipples in a ziplock bag. Sure it required a little extra packing but it wasn't too bad. Anyways so the morning of we got dressed as usual, fed and dressed Donnie last to avoid having to change him before we headed out the door.

When we arrived at church most of my family was there (my uncle is the pastor) so many of them got to see him for the very first time. My grandpa (donnies great-grandpa) had came to visit our church this week so Donnie got to get a picture with him at the end of service. I was soo proud of how good Donnie was during church, he didn't cry or fuss! He was trying to "talk" and we had to give him his paci to stop him from having a full on conversation lol! My uncle introduced the church to Donnie and put us on the spotlight a little asking "How's parent hood" lol! It's not that I don't like answering that question but I just hate being put on the spot in front of tons of people!

Here's a picture of the hubs with Donnie before we left for church, I just love how alert he is and his smile is contagious! I hope you had a great weekend! Happy Springtime!

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