Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Epics in Motown

For my first post I will share our engagement pictures. We took these this past March throughout the city with our photographer Kris @ Kreativ Imaging, you can visit his blog here. It was a mere 40 degrees that Saturday and the shoot was delayed due to snowing that morning. We started out at The Heidelberg Projects, which is an outside art project on the Eastside of Detroit. The project was made of recycled trash found around the city and is quite amazing what was created out of "junk". You can learn more about the Project and it's creator here. Nevertheless the sun eventually came out and we were able to get some fantastic shots!

Heidelberg Projects: One of the first shots of the day

I like this one, it has a classic look to it which will be timeless for years to come!
By far my favorite picture of Mr. Motown & I! I think this will be the photo we display at the reception as guests enter the hall. What do you think?
....up next part 2 of the epics @ Hart Plaza !


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! I "know" you from PW! Love your e-pics, so unique!

  2. Thanks Ladies! Invite others to come!

  3. Your pics are delicious! I Love em!! And hoe perfect is it to have a white dove (God's peace)!!