Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

I hope everyone is enjoying the extended holiday weekend! I really didn't get anything wedding related done this weekend. Well on Saturday I did go to Old Navy (two different stores) for the $1 Flip Flop Sale, hoping to add them to my bridesmaid's gift totes but of course when I got to both stores they were SOLD OUT! I heard the line were ridiculously long (people where lining up at 8am that morning!) Oh well guess you can't always get a deal on everything! Other than that I spent the weekend with family and friends enjoying the weather and yummy food! Everyone during the holiday asked Mr Motown & I how the wedding planning was going, if we were nervous and of course when were we having kids lol! It was flattering answering everyone questions and it's great to know that everyone is looking forward to our Motown Marriage!

Since I'm still enjoying the holiday I'll leave you with some gorgeous pink/fuchsia inspirational pictures from some of my favorite blogs!

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