Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Welcome to 3M!

I'm so excited to starting blogging about my road to marriage. I will take you on a journey as I plan my upcoming wedding to Mr. Motown in our great city of Detroit. Stay turned for details of our August nuptials, latest wedding fashions and all things fabulous in wedding planning!


  1. Hey Kaykay211
    I am a newbie on the the knot AAW board.You blog looks great! I wanted to ask you how did you get it to link from the AAW board? I have a blog as well check me out at www.hoppinthebroom.com I just started it this weekend. I love ur e.pics.

  2. Thank you! I just added it in my siggy. On the knot click the smiley face to update your profile and make your website a tinyurl and plug that into this code
    \you'll need to Tiny Url your code here too. then use the following code:
    <**a href="TINY URL HERE" target=_new"** >My Link<*/a**>
    (again with out the **)