Thursday, January 20, 2011

Annoucement Cards

I'm finally sending mines out! Donnie will be two months on Monday (where has the time gone?!) and I think it's about time that I send them out to family and friends. I received some "giftcards" when I purchased something from Motherhood Maternity that could be redeemed at Well it was more like you have to spend $20 to get that amount off. I figured I'd use them to order some annoucements. I only ordered about 15 to start because I wanted to see the quality of the cards. So after shipping I only ended up spending $10 (score!). Overall I am pleased with the results, I wanted the annoucement to be simple and modern. I'm pleased with the results, but honestly I think it all comes to the quality of the photo that you use. The picture for the annoucements is from his newborn photoshoot. Okay I kinda find myself rambling lol! I'll be back for his two month post next week!!!

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