Thursday, January 27, 2011

Someone's Fussy!

This week has seriously gotten away from me. Everyday that I attempt to update my blog something always comes up. Well Monday Donnie got his 2 month shots, the nurse said he may be fussy for 48 hrs but man I didn't expect for it to be this bad! Tuesday he was fine, slept a lot and was "normal" but when Wednesday rolled around it was like a nightmare. He wouldn't sleep and literally fussed for 3 hours straight. Luckily hubs was off that day but man were we exhausted. I was soo tired that I slept through my doctor's appointment and had to reschedule it for Friday. I seriously tried everything I could think of, rocking him, putting him in his swing, singing to him, walking around the house with him and nothing worked. Today has been a little better but he's still fussy. I sometimes feel like a bad mom because he doesn't seem happy. Somebody tell me that it's just a phase! When does the happy baby stage begin or am I out of luck?

When we went to his 2 month well visit the pediatrician said he was doing fine but I told him he hasn't had a social smile yet. He said it'll probably happen in the next two weeks but since he's a preemie to give him another month for milestones. Sometimes I forget he's considered a preemie, I guess because of his weight but it makes me sad that my baby is considered behind and I equate that with it being my fault. I know him having to come early was out of my control but sometimes I can't help how I feel.

As for his official two month post I plan on doing that asap and I will get it done, given how he's been feeling I haven't had the time nor energy to take his picture in his two month sticky shirt.

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  1. Tommy was really fussy after some of his shots too. Unfortunately, the only thing that helped was some Tylenol. Poor little guy and poor mommy and daddy!

    No social smiles at 2 months is very normal... normal for full term babies too. We didn't see any real smiles until Tommy's 3rd month. I guess that's when babies start to recognize mommy by sight and start to show some personality.

    How's everything? How's bfing going?