Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy 2011!!

Happy New Year to my lovely readers! I hope your new year is going great so far! So I'm trying to figure out how to juggle keeping up my blog and tending to a baby. I want to at least post 3x's a week so we will see how this goes! As for what's been going on in our household, all is well. Donnie is eating great except when he gets frustrated. I'm trying to figure out why that is, the milk is coming out but I notice it happens when my nipple gets soft. He's a very impatient baby (aren't they all) and he loves trying to "help" mama out. He seriously likes to hold my breast like a bottle and I have to remind him that I don't need any help and he's actually in the way lol!

I'm  able to write this post due to my lovely hands free pumping bra. I just fed Donnie, he's knocked out and now I'm trying to pump to store extra milk so the hubs can feed the baby as well. On another note, let me tell you about how I brought in the new year. My family had a new year's party and it was so great to get to see them all (I hadn't seen many of them since the 4th of July). Everyone was asking "where is the baby", "how is he sleeping". I only had two people ask how I was doing..which I guess I should get used to ha! It was great to get out the house with the hubs (my mother was at our house watching Donnie by the way), get dressed up and I even had a glass of wine! Yes my first drink since last April. I was seriously buzzed by the second sip. It was nice to have a taste but I honestly don't miss drinking and don't worry I had pump some milk for Donnie before hand, enough to last until the alcohol was out of my system.

Well that's about it..don't you love my all over the place posts?! Sorry, I swear it seems that after my third trimester my train of thought isn't as good. Is that normal? Hopefully it returns and I'm able to write some better posts :)

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  1. Umm so yeah, I need that bra. Details please!