Sunday, January 9, 2011

When All Else Fails..

SWADDLE!!! OMG I was at my ropes end yesterday with breastfeeding. Donnie seriously stayed on my boob every hour from 5 am until about 11 pm. Literally every hour I was feeding him. Of course me being a first time mom I immediately thought he was hungry since he was soo fussy. I checked his diaper, and every time when I thought he was finish and he started to doze off he would wake within 30-40 minutes. My mom was over for the weekend so it was great to have someone to pass him off to (hubs was at work). I just couldn't understand why he wasn't sleeping well. So me trying to figure out what was wrong I thought I wasn't producing enough  milk . I was so frustrated and was on the verge of giving up. I've been having this love/hate relationship with breastfeeding. I'm always stressing out wondering if he's getting enough, despite the constant reassurance from my hubs and mom, the amount of wet and dirty diapers. I'm one of those types that have to see how much he's getting to settle my mind. Man I can't wait until his 2 month well visit on the 24th to see his weigh progress. 

Despite the other cues, he was also spitting up so I "knew" something was going in him. Ugh why can't breastfeeding easy? I never knew it required knowing so much. I always thought you just popped your boob in their mouth and they would eat. Or is it really easy and today's society makes it harder than what is should be? Honestly I think it's a little of both. I was talking to my mom who exclusively breastfed me and she kept saying how she didn't remember it being that hard back then. She only had a hand pump (I'm not sure electric ones where available back then) and she fed me just fine. No lactation consultants, no special pills/teas to help with supply, hands free bra's for pumping, boppy's etc. just simply breastfeeding. 

So finally I dropped my worry and said he's fine, I know he isn't starving and instinctt mode came it. I broke out the swaddle rocked him to sleep and he was content. Oh the best four hours of my life! As for today it's been going much better, he's sleeping well and eating good. So I know that with this thing called breastfeeding I must just take it one day at a time.

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