Saturday, June 20, 2009

$2 Tanks!!!!

It's 10 am and my day has already started. Me and my little sister (one of my motownmaids) got up early to get to the Old Navy $2 tank sale going on TODAY ONLY! I arrived at 9:15 (mind you the store opens at 9am) and there was already a line. I rushed over to grab pink tanks (my main wedding color) to only find that most of the pink tanks were gone (I needed one in basically every size). Well I wasn't going to just turn around empty handed. So plan B I grabbed all the grey tanks (my second wedding color) which they still had a great selection of . So the plan is for the mm's to wear the tanks while we get ready and somehow the coordination makes for really cute getting ready pics. I'm trying to figure out how to jazz them up. So it's Poll Time!
(You can vote at the bottom of the page)

Oh yeah if your reading this hurry up and head to Old Navy because the tanks are going super fast, even if you don't buy them for your bridesmaids they make great summer essentials!

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