Monday, June 22, 2009


We sent out rsvp's last weekend and they have been coming in pretty much everyday. However we've gotten a few that gave us a good laugh. Apparently our guests either don't know how to fill out an rsvp or are just totally clueless. In this case I think it may be both! What am I referring to? Well we have gotten a few responses with NO NAMES! Seriously who does that? So apparently on top of planning my wedding and all the things that come along with it , I now have to put my physic hat on and figure out who these guests are. On top of that what gets me tickled is that our rsvp's are in postcard form so there's an area where you can leave a little note, which in this case would have been helpful in figuring out who they are. So as of now we have 4 guests that have RSVP yes and we have no clue who they are! I guess somebody will be getting a courtesy call from me after July 11Th (the deadline)!

I can't wait to see what other rsvp situations arise! Did you have guests that responded with no name? How did you handle it?


  1. I haven't sent out my invitations yet, but I am planning to number the RSVPs against my guest list to prevent this from happening...

  2. We didn't have anyone do that, but we did have some put that only one person was coming when they meant that they were bringing one guest. lol

  3. We rcvd RSVP's AFTER the wedding!! I mean seriously...people are too much! ha!!