Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Motownmaids Fitting

This will wrap up what was accomplished this past weekend. On Saturday my motownmaids (bridesmaids) had their first fitting. It was really great to see all the girls and then not even five minutes later everything went WRONG! When they first ordered the dresses the shop specifically told them that all undergarments were need for the fittings. I reminded them of this a week prior to the fitting. Well only one out for four girls had the correct things. Luckily 3 where still able to get partially fitted but one of my mm's was told she would have to come back with her undergarms. She was a little P.O.'d but I just sat back staying out of it, thinking to myself " I told you so"! Nevertheless here's the dresses that the girls chose to wear:

Alfred Angelo in Fuchsia

here's one of my mm's with the actual dress on, I don't know why the color is soo drastically different from their site.

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