Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DIY Centerpiece/Bouquet Trial

I did a trial last week that I've been meaning to post about. I just went and grabbed a few roses from Walmart to see if I could really attempt to do my flowers for the wedding. A lot of brides are going the DIY way to keep costs down and really personalize their weddings. I've heard so many good stories about brides doing their own flowers and them turning out fabulous! I think the key is to keep them simple and what couldn't be simpler than roses? It's chic, gorgeous and a sturdy flower to work with. Here's some of the mock's I came up with for my first trial!

Here are the roses after prepping them:

After sitting for a day they opened up nicely, making the following:

Motown Maids Bouquet:

So I think they turned out nicely, this is using 10 roses and it gives the affect I was looking for.


Another Angle:

So here's some things that will be different:

1. The roses will be a hot pink to match my color scheme (these where only available for the trial)

2. The ribbon around the vase will be at the bottom, not the top like pictured, this way the stems won't show.

3. We will use 15 roses for the actual centerpiece to make it more lush, this was done with only 10 roses (all that was available)


*Note: I'm not worried about not having enough time to do them as my mom's and bm's have agreed to help arrange them; btw I timed my trial and it took 10 mins to do the bouquet (it was actually harder to wrap the ribbon haha) and my DOC (day of coordinator) will set them all up at the reception.


  1. I love this centerpiece look Kellie, and will help out in any way possible to get them looking how you want them!! I had saved photos of similar arrangements myself for my own wedding inspiration things.

  2. I love your DIY flowers they are simple and yet have a bit of drama to them! Kudos, I am going to be attempting something similar in the next few days!