Monday, November 15, 2010


I want to share a few pictures from my shower last weekend. I wish better pictures were taken of the details (I love all things detailed) but these must do. Overall the shower was great, we did have about 12 people who RSVP'd and did not show (nice..insert sarcasm). We didn't get a lot off our registry (only about 7 things). We also did a diaper raffle but the turn out wasn't great with that. I ended up getting a case of diapers and 6 jumbo packs of diapers. So that left me with a lot of things to get (basics and necessities), which I was thankfully able to purchase most of it with gift cards I received. I will say how grateful I am for the things we did get because it was more than what we started with.

 One word of advice for future mommies is to buy along the way. Please don't listen to people when they say "Wait for your baby shower" because you may end up disappointed and left having to buy lots of things in a short amount of time. I love deals so having to pay full price for things I need makes me cringe! Luckily whenever I saw an awesome deal I didn't pass it up and it worked out well because it was something I didn't receive at the shower anyways. Well here are the pics (I must stop now my carpal tunnel is acting up)

Hubs & I

Cake Table

MOH & Friend

Closeup of centerpieces

Opening Gifts

Fruit Table

Guests (don't ask why this is in b&w)

Closeup of belly!

Diaper Cake


  1. Ok seriously, what a cute shower!!! You were glowing and gorgeous!

  2. Your shower looked beautiful!!!! and I can def. relate to guest not sticking to the registry. My daughter is one years old now and I still talk about how people got me things I didn't need but what they thought I should have it completely messes up the theme you're trying to go with. Congrads on the baby, I bet you can't wait for him to get here.

  3. This is an awesome shower! You looked beautiful!

  4. Thanks ladies for the complements! I totally agree about people not sticking to the registry and those are the same ones who don't include a gift receipt lol!

  5. Looks like it was a great shower! I love the diaper cake and those centerpieces are adorable!