Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Taking Pregnancy For Granted

Sounds like an oxymoron to some and for others it may be true. Yesterday I learned of three different pregnant ladies I know that are experiencing or had complications recently. The first one was a former co-worker of mines who miscarried at three months. I can't imagine the hurt she's experiencing right now. I know her and her husband had been trying and was soo excited when they learned she was expecting. The second one is a close friend of my aunt who went into early labor and is now on bed rest in the hospital. She and her husband have already suffered a miscarriage so to make it to 32 weeks had really eased their anxiety. Well Monday she went into labor and luckily the hospital was able to stop the labor but now she must remain there until she delivers. Finally the third person I know is experiencing some complications at 22 weeks and is now on bed rest in hopes of the baby cooking longer.

I share their experiences because it makes you realize how blessed you are to have a complication free pregnancy. It surely woke me up to stop complaining about my aches and pains because it could always be worse. I'm thankful that so far the my pregnancy is going well and each day I get closer to my due date is truly a blessing. Sure I've had a few scares but so far all is well (knock on wood). I'm praying for each and everyone of them and ask that you say a little prayer as well. So that's where my head has been at the last few days. I've also been consumed with errands everyday this week. Hopefully I can get another post in before the weekend. Don't worry we'll be back to some sort of normalcy next week!!!

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