Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

Does anyone remember that kids game show or am I just showing my age?! Anyways sorry for the lack of posts I've been extremely busy! I plan on doing a full recap of the baby shower once I get the pics from my mom. Today I want to share how things have been going with Gumdrop and I. Last Thursday at my O.B. appointment I was told I was measuring ahead. At 32 wks I was measuring 36! Now I've heard of measuring two weeks either way but four weeks out was a little much. So it was some concern from my O.B. and I was scheduled and ultrasound for Monday.

Well I had my ultrasound on Monday, gumdrop looked great and everything was progressing well. The tech estimated that he's 5lbs 1 oz. Now I know these are just estimates but she stated he should only be about 4lbs. Her words were " Well he's at the very top of the chart (growth chart) but hasn't went over yet". I left with a few pictures (which I plan to share at the end) and all was well. Then Saturday after my baby shower we went to the movies to see Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls which was amazing! It was such a good movie, I laughed, cried (like really hard, as if I had lost someone..blame it on pregnancy hormones), was happy and sad. I recommend everyone to go see it! So after we finally got home that night my feet were really swollen. My hubs joked that they looked like a cartoon character! I thought it was because I was so busy that day, and figured they'd go down eventually.

Well here we are today and they are STILL swollen. I called the O.B. out of concern and they asked me to come in (yesterday). I had gained 10 lbs in FIVE DAYS! They said it was due to all the swelling/fluid. Seriously I knew it wasn't from smashing out on food because I hadn't eaten differently then what I normally do and the most I've ever gained is 1-2 lbs a week. I got some blood drawn and here we are today. I'll find out how everything went at my appointment next week. Don't worry I don't have Pre E (knocks on wood) because I was already checked for it two weeks ago and my blood work came back perfect. I pray that I don't develop it anytime soon. My O.B. believes I'm just dealing with typical pregnancy swelling but they want to be on the safe side and recheck my blood.

So readers that's what has been going on! Oh! I almost forget my laptop clunked out on me last week so I'm using my old desktop from college. I haven't used this thing regularly in years! So that's another reason I've been lacking posts. It was just so much easier to post from my couch or bed but now I have to sit on this hard chair which isn't very friendly to my bottom. I leave you with a new picture of Gumdrop doesn't he have the chunkiest cheeks!!

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  1. So glad to hear that gumdrop is doing well! Can't wait to hear about your baby shower and see photos.

    Oh and I really liked watching Carmen Sandiego and I even liked the computer game the show was based on. :-D