Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekend Fun!

Did you ladies have a great weekend? I sure did! I love Halloween for a few reasons: It's my father and nephew's birthday. I love seeing the little kids and doggies in costumes. Plus I love the candy, decorations, hunted houses etc! Some don't like to celebrate Halloween given it's beginnings but it think it's what you make of it, that's why it's one of my fav holidays!. Sorry I didn't do a Friday survey last week but I'll have on this week. Speaking of the week, boy is this one going to be a busy one! I've officially scheduled something EVERYDAY this week (not on purpose) but it just seemed like everything fell into place that way. I will try my best to make sure I get my posts in! I leave you with a picture of my nephew who turned 2 yesterday. He was a dragon!!!

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